Creating a Bookie Blog Using WordPress

If you are thinking about a brand new career as a price per head bookie, to learn how to run your own website should be a must-do inbookie-blog-wordpress your list of priorities.

When it comes to having a presence of the web that can allow you to promote your pay per head services in a more versatile way, your best bet is to open a bookmaking blog, either a free one or a paid version.


Bookie Blog: WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms out there and there are two options that you can choose from:



This is the free version and it allows you to open as many blogs as you wish, which is great because it allows you to create blogs targeted to specific prospective clients.

For example you can create a blog aimed to sports betting players and one focused on articles for those whom bet the horses. Remember that the free version will always have the URL attached to your blog name.



This is the paid version and registering a domain name is necessary to use it. If you decide to go this route, then you need to get in touch with a web hosting company that will help you get everything setup and running and whom will also provide you with technical assistance when you need it the most.


Creating a Post

  1. SEO: Once you get familiarized with the wordpress interface, you can start creating your bookie posts, though before you do it, consider the possibility of reading more on the concepts of SEO as this will help you to create content that will not only be attractive to the eyes of the reader, but that will also be search engine-friendly.


  1. Quality And Quantity: For a post to serve as a marketing tool, it needs to be longer than 300 words and it also has to be based on quality content that will get the attention of the Sports Betting bookie’s targeted audience. In sum, every post should be extensive and engaging enough to be digested in a single read.


Get Your Own Domain Names

If you decide to use and wish to buy a domain name, you can visit a place such as There you can find out which domains are for sale and for how much. We recommend you to buy a domain name that is focused on words related to the betting industry.

Buying domain names is not only good because it allows you to establish your own .com presence on the web, but also because if you buy a really interesting domain, someone might even buy it from you, which can make of this an unexpected profitable side job for the bookie.


Many Free Themes Available

Whether you decide to start using the free or the paid version of WordPress, you will have the option of choosing between many free themes for your bookie blog.

Many of the free versions are trials for paid ones, so make sure that when you’ll pick a theme that will go according to your particular needs. If you chose to pay for your WordPress theme, make sure that you select one that you won’t have to change soon or you will end up paying for a new theme every time.

In fact, even though you want a paid version, we recommend trying the free versions for a while in order to check the different aspects of the various available themes before you actually pick the right kind of setup you want for your bookie blog.


Check Your Budget

Knowing how to create your own WordPress blog is just the initial part of your internet marketing efforts and promoting your bookie services can be cheap or can get quite expensive, therefore, make sure that you separate a budget to pay for things such as web hosting, an SEO specialist, writers, web designers and other professionals that can help you rank better in google when someone is looking for a bookie from your area.

If you are an agent with a smaller budget, you can always try the free version of WordPress and create your very own guerrilla marketing campaign.

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