Your Bookie Business: Building Relationships the Right Way

Networking is essential for a pay per head bookie that wants to keep their business healthy and producing, but building relationshipsbookie-building-relationships-right takes time and commitment. Here is some advice that can come quite handy.


Bookie Business: Look Inward


If you want to get close to others and build personal contacts with time, you need to start by creating a good relationship with yourself. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your career as a price per head bookie and learn to handle yourself in a professional manner in order to be ready to create the right interactions.

If you have a good self-image, you will certainly appear more trustworthy to others, and that is an essential feat when it comes to try to convince players to place wagers with you instead of using their online sportsbook account.


Learn from Previous Setbacks

Although you’re a bookie that might know the game well and feel ready to take over the world, the truth is that there will always be people that won’t consider you their favorite person.

If you are trying to convince someone to do business with you and for some reason you don’t receive a positive response, don’t take it personal because you will then be undermining your mind with the wrong thoughts that can predispose you to believe that you’ll get the same kind of negative reaction from prospective customers in the future.

Instead, you can actually see past setbacks as lessons that will help you manage yourself more accurately.


Create Rapport

Doubtless, creating rapport will make it easier for a bookie to establish a relationship with a possible client. But be careful, as if you don’t do it right, mimicking others can actually look as impolite behavior on your end. Here are some tips:

Mirror the other person’s body language: The key to do this is to be subtle, and you can achieve it by mirroring the person’s posture, gestures, facial expressions and head nods in a way that will seem imperceptible. Don’t try to mirror the person right away, always wait for a few seconds.

Copy their accent: Again, you have to be careful when mimicking someone as you don’t want the possible client to think that you are actually making fun of him/her. Listen to how the other pronounces words and mimic their accent slightly as to appear that you lived in their region for sometime in the past.

Depth of their voice: If you are talking to someone that has a loud voice, you will probably want to adjust your volume level in order to be perceived as an equal peer.


Analyze your Current Networks

You probably don’t realize it, but you are already part of different networks such as your family, friends, college, work colleagues, sports mates, etc. Think about who can be someone that can end up getting you some good leads. Maybe your dad has buddies that enjoy gambling and they are still playing with their old fashioned bookie because they don’t know that you are now a modern agent that works with a pph shop or maybe some old friends from college do place bets too.

Make a list of the people that you currently know and see who is more approachable when it comes to getting you some favorable business contacts.


Be Reliable

People tend to appreciate someone that is reliable, so, for example, if you got a good lead about a possible new customer and you have to meet that person at a given day and time, make sure that you’ll be there or otherwise neither the person that handle you the lead or the player will rely on your word and you’ll certainly lose some credibility.

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