Bookie Business Tips For the New Pay per Head Agent

The best Bookie Business Tips are exactly what you need if you’re starting a sportsbook and casino operation.

Bookie Business Tips For the New Pay per Head Agent
Bookie Business Tips For the New Pay per Head Agent


The Best Bookie Business Tips:

Here are some of the best Bookie Business Tips that can help you start a sports betting and gaming operation with the right foot:

  • Working with Pay per Head
  • Getting the capital
  • Paying on time


Working with Pay per Head

The first of our Bookie Business Tips is to work with PPH offshore services.

This means that you need to find a reputable Pay per Head shop, and sign up for an account.

This will give you access to:

  • Sports betting and gaming software
  • Online and call center access


Sports betting and gaming software

This is the sportsbook software you can use to manage your operation.

It’s totally web-based. This means that you can use your favorite mobile device to check the current action of players.

And, this bookmaking software is also the engine that allows your players to place bets or play casino games; such as PPH Poker.

This means that by working with an overseas price per head shop, you can avoid spending cash on bookie software development.

Instead, you can hire this service, save substantially in overhead costs, and increase your profits.



You can check all the data related to your players using a variety of outstanding reports.

These are reports that are packed with live information. Meaning that the data you can see on your screen is shown in real time.

So, you can actually see what’s going on, and take split-second decisions that can make your operation more profitable.


Full management

This wagering and gambling software also allows you to fully manage your operation. This includes:

  • Moving lines: If necessary, you can move wagering lines, or create new ones for your players.
  • Open / close accounts: You can open accounts at any time, which is great for marketing. And you can also close them, for security purposes.
  • Set credits/wagering limits: You can freely edit the credit amounts of players, and also their respective limits for each betting type.
  • Handle sub-agents: Another great advantage is that you can allow the data from different sub-agents. And you can even grant the latter access so they can submit data themselves.


Online and call center access

You want to work with a top PPH Shop because this allows your players to place bets online; and through an offshore call center.



You can work with a standard website that’s used by other bookies and their own players.

Or you can pay a little extra and get your own personalized site, including the design and domain name.


Call center

Working with a reputable Pay per Head shop also grants your players access to an overseas call center.

This means that your players can get their action over the phone, assisted by professional wagering clerks; working from overseas offices.

If you want the best results in terms of call center solutions, make sure to work with a PPH Shop that’s located in a country such as Costa Rica.

This guarantees high-quality services for the best weekly prices.


Bookie Business Tips: Getting the capital

The second of the best Bookie Business Tips is to get the capital.

You need to count with some startup funds. And the purpose of that cash is to pay winners.

Now, this is only necessary at the beginning of your bookmaking career.

The reason is because later on you’ll be able to pay winners out of your own profits.

But, during the initial stages of your sports betting and gaming operation, you definitely need to have access to some cash.


How to get it

If you count with the necessary capital, then that’s the best. In other words, if you have the cash you need in your bank account, then use those savings to start your operation.

On the other hand, you can always opt for getting the money you need from someone else.

This can be a family member, a friend, or just someone you trust a lot.

In the case there’s no one close that can give you this cash, or because you simply want more privacy; you can opt for working with an investor.

This is an individual, or even an investing company, that can give you the funds you need.

Now, there are different types of investors. Meaning that you should investigate the requirements of each investor before making a deal.

For example, if you’re someone that’s running a sports betting and gaming operation because you like the idea of being your own boss; you need to find an investor that gives you all the freedom you want and need.

Or, it may be the case that you want to work with an investor that can also become a partner; so both of you can assume the risk of the full operation.

It really all depends on what you want as a top bookmaker.


Bookie Business Tips: Paying on time

You want to always look like a respectable wagering and gambling agent.

And you can only earn such reputation by always paying your clients on time. This is the third of our Bookie Business Tips.

If you fail to pay your clients, the bad word of mouth about you poor customer attention will spread around like a wild fire.

And this is definitely a scenario you want to avoid.

The reason is because as an agent, you can get a lot of clients in the form of referrals.

This means that your own customers, if they’re satisfied, can tell others about your Pay per Head services.

And, thanks to those favorable words, more and more people can get curious about what you have to offer; and ultimately turn into players.

So, it’s clear that a good reputation among sports bettors and gamblers is exactly what you need to become prosperous as an agent.

And, it all definitely begins by always paying customers on time. Doubtlessly, this is one of the best Bookie Business Tips you can take into consideration since day one.

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