A Bookie Career for a Disabled Person

To become a bookie is an excellent freelancing option for a disabled person because it is a job that pays back with excellent returns bookie-career-disabled-personand also involves a minimum effort.

If you are an individual that for some reason cannot leave your home, a bookmaking operation is your ideal choice; but to really have the option of being successful, price per head solutions are needed.


Bookie Career: A determined Mind Can Go a Long Way


Although many people with disabilities have chosen the Sports Betting route because they know that this is a business that is easy to run, the real factor that helped them to give the first step was their personal determination based on their desire for not letting their physical impairments to stop them in their quest for living a normal life.


Just A Laptop Or PC

That is actually all that a disabled person will need if he or she wants to start a bookmaking business. Convenience is the word here because many people that can’t leave their houses are fond of interacting with the outside world using their PC’s or laptops, which means that to run a betting operation can be quite natural since it only involves the manipulation of easy web-based software.


Getting Started

The first step involves getting acquainted with the concept of pph services and what these can do for you. You have the option of offering your clients both phone and internet betting based on your personal needs.

If you have players that only bet over the phone, then they can use the call center on a 24-7, year-round schedule.

If some or most of your players also enjoy betting online, they can do it using a simple pin and password.

You can also grant your clients the option of betting using their smartphones.


Second is to get customers

this is the most vital part of the business and because you are unable to leave your home or office, you will need to get an assistant that you really trust so he can promote your bookmaking operation.


Cash agreements

Talk to your trusted partner and come to a mutual understanding concerning the division of profits. Make sure that you’ll be fair about what percentage you will pay your right-hand man if you want him/her to remain loyal to you.


Danny’s Experience

Danny was involved in a car accident a few years back and he lost both of his legs as a consequence of that tragic incident. He was very good with numbers and also good with wagers, but he never thought of becoming a bookmaker because he was OK with just placing some bets here and then.

Although it was normal for Danny to leave the house despite his condition, he started to consider the possibility of becoming a freelancer in order to work directly from his home office and taking bets was his first option.

Danny quickly recruited Ron, a good and trusted friend and also signed up for pph services. 3 months after he became an agent, Danny realized that he had taken the right decision and has since turned into an example for others in a similar situation.


Remember: It’s Effortless

Indeed, a bookie profession is truly one of the very few work-at-home jobs that can really be executed without any mental stress and without a physical effort. This is the perfect option for someone that gets tired easily or for an individual that can’t move from one point to another.

Most of the work is going to be done by others: Clerks will process the bets and customer service reps will take care of general inquiries while your assistant is going to be out there getting new players.

This means that your only job will be to serve as CEO of your very own wagering operation and your only concern will be to make sure that your players are getting their action and that you are getting paid on time!

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