A Bookie Career: The Solution for the Single Parent

If you are a single parent and want a freelancer career, your best bet is to become a bookie. When a single father or mother goes tobookie-career-single-parent work, he o she comes tired from work and cannot spend that much time with the kids, though that can easily change by having a work-from-home position.

We truly recommend a bookmaking career because it is one that requires the minimum amount of time and pays better than many regular jobs out there.


A Bookie Career: No Overhead Costs


Running a sports betting operation requires you to work with bookie software and other pay per head solutions that includes phone and internet wagering services.

An agent only pays a fixed weekly fee to the pph shop and in return they will take care of the bookmaker’s clients. This ensures that to start a business of this kind is going to be affordable in a steady basis.


Always Be There for Your Kids

A freelancing bookmaking business will certainly save you a lot of time, and that is fantastic if you wish to remain close to your children as you will be home most of the day.

This means that you will have the option of helping your kids with their homework or you can also take them out to the park or other fun places more often.

Such a close relationship with your children will certainly help you to cement a closer relationship with them.


Flexibility at Its Best

When a kid gets sick, the responsible parent needs to take a leave of absence or LOA, though a freelancing job can prevent this from happening, so it is also important to consider the advantage of the flexibility a stay-at-home bookie obtains by working with a pph shop because his or her kids can get undivided attention when they need it the most.

A regular job also often involves deadlines, and this is something that can also be avoided. Although it is important for the agent to separate time on a regular basis to get new clients, he or she doesn’t really need to stick to an inescapable schedule.

Create Your Personal Working Space

Although free time is a term that you will get very familiar with if you decide to become a bookie, you will still need to talk to your regular clients or with new players from time to time, and for this reason it is important for you to have your own working space or office in order to remain professional at all times.

So, make sure that your kids understand when you cannot be interrupted in order to create the perfect balance between work and family life at home.


No Interference with Your Personal Life

Since a bookie that is working with a pph shop does not need to take phone calls for wagers, he or she can still run his or her business in an imperceptible way. This means that you as an agent can take care of things and your kids won’t even know that you are actually earning money while playing with them on the backyard.


Full or Part Time, The Choice is Yours

If you decide to work fully as a bookie, don’t worry, you will still have enough time to spend with your kids as you will be at home.

A full time freelancing job of this kind will require you to take some hours every day to do some marketing for your business, so you can either go out and try to get clients at places where is common for players to hang out or you can create a website and promote yourself over the web with tools such as social media.

If you feel that it will be easier for you to get new players outside, then try to set an schedule for when you go out, for example try to do it while your kids are at school so when they return you will be there for them.

You can also do the above part time and you will still be making some great cash, but always take in consideration that the key of growing a betting operation is to get new clients on a regular basis.


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