Bookie Tips on Conducting a Feasibility Study

Before you start a bookie business, it is in your best interest to conduct a feasibility study.bookie-conducting-feasibility-study


Bookie Tips: Is your Business Feasible?


Feasible is defined as that which is easily, or conveniently done, and in the world of business, this is synonymous with profits.

Are there enough individuals in your market of interest who you believe are interested in the sports betting solutions that you are looking to supply?

Will these individuals provide you with the kind of revenue that you need to support your financial obligations and still make a good profit?

These are relevant questions related to your bookie operation, and although to find the correct answers may take a while, it is definitely time well spent as these answers can mean the difference between failure and success.

Indeed, it is very important to find out if there is a real market in your area for your bookmaking solutions before you actually commit any time or financial resources to the project.


Market Research

A major part of a feasibility study is market research. Before offering your bookie services to the public, you must find out what are the wants and needs of your players.

It is also crucial to analyze the abilities related to your direct competitors and their chances of being more successful than you within your marketplace.

Based on what you find out, you can come up with a nice projection concerning your revenue and your expenses.

And, in order to obtain the most accurate data, you must try to be as objective as you can while thinking like a client instead of as a bookie.

There is actually a couple of types of info that you need to gather: general environment/trends, and personal feedback.

If you feel that this is something that you don’t want to do on your own, or if you really don’t have the necessary knowledge to do so, then your best choice is to hire the services of a professional consultant that can conduct this market research for your sportsbook operation.

This is great because you can save yourself some valuable time which you can use to recruit new clients while the consultant takes care of things such as market surveys, data compilation and business recommendations.

One of the top advantages of coming up with your own market research is that you can obtain some helpful firsthand knowledge related to your particular industry and your targeted audience.


Market Trends

When it comes to the feasibility study for your bookie operation, you may also want to analyze trends that are commonplace within your marketplace. Here are some of the trends you should pay attention to:

  • Technology: Innovations attached to technology allow us to reach markets in an easier way, and faster than before, especially, and most importantly, the internet.
  • International Commerce: With technological innovation comes business expansion, including going beyond national barriers.
  • Aging Boomers: Currently in their late thirties and mid fifties, these boomers are at the top of their earnings game.
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