Bookie Business: Employees or Contractors, What’s Best ?

Handling a betting operation with bookie price per head services doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to operate by yourself frombookie-employees-contractors-best now on.

In fact, you can build a team of your own that can help you run things in a better way. The question is: who do you want to hire to help you with your pay per head operation, a contractor or an employee?


Bookie Tips: What is the real difference between the two?


A contractor is someone that you pay to for doing a job with the person’s own resources and an employee is someone to whom you pay and also provide the necessary equipment and other necessary things to perform a desired task.

If you want to find out what is your best option, consider the following aspects:

  • How much control do you need to have over the person that you wish to hire? This really depends on the position that you will be hiring for.

If for example you want to hire someone to help you recruit new clients on the street, then your best bet is to get a contractor to whom you will be paying a commission every time you end up doing business from a referral.

On the other hand, if what you want is to launch a serious online marketing effort, then you will be better off with an actual employee to whom you can give instructions when needed.


  • Do you want to pay benefits? Just as you are a bookie freelancer with no direct employee benefits, if you hire a contractor you won’t have to pay for such things as insurance or vacations either, though if you decide to open your own office and hire internal personnel, you might have to pay for things like those unless you reach a salary-only agreement with the people that you are planning to hire.


  • Also consider that when you hire a contractor, you probably already trust in the person’s capacity to execute the job that you need done. If you hire an employee, you can even take the time to train the person based on your personal requirements.


Hire Based On Specialties Different Than Yours

Since you are a bookie and are using the services of a price per head shop, then you are fully covered when it comes to all-things-bookmaking and client attention.

For that reason, you must focus on hiring people that have specialties different than yours as they can really help you have a better overall coverage of your operation, whether they are employees or contractors.


Do You Have A Small or a Large Wagering Operation?

By answering this question you can really find out if you need to hire employees or contractors or both. If you have a small Sports Betting business because you are just getting started, then your best bet is to hire a contractor as you will be saving a lot of money when it comes to overhead costs.

If on the contrary, you are running a medium to bookie large operation, then you can hire both contractors and employees. On one side you will have your office employees that might include people for your very own marketing department, a personal assistant and contractors to help you gather clients.

Also, if you have a small bookmaking business but you indeed have the resources to start growing the operation at a large scale from the beginning, then you can also opt for hiring both employees and contractors as in the long run it will be difficult for you to handle some of the aspects of your business and having trustful, consolidated people since day one will undoubtedly be of a great benefit.

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