Bookie Tips: How to Find the Right Mentor

It is a fact that many of the most prosperous entrepreneurs (including bookie agents) in the globe have a mentor.bookie-find-right-mentor

If you are also a sports betting entrepreneur that is looking for your own mentor, there are certain qualities that such individual must possess in order to grant you the kind of results that you want from such a professional relationship.


Bookie Tips on Getting the Right Mentor


Here are some useful tips that can help you identify the person that can turn into your mentor, based on his personal qualities.


Is Objective

To become the best bookie you can be, you really want your professional mentor to be one that avoids being influenced by personal interpretations and feelings. Instead, this is an individual that bases his criteria on facts; nothing more, nothing less.


Tells You the Truth; Tough or Not

There are times when the employees of your bookmaking operation don’t feel comfortable about telling you things that you need to know because they think you may not take their comments lightly.

A good mentor is totally the opposite. He’s a person that is not afraid about telling you what he feels you need to know, no matter how delicate the subject.

The good thing is that after telling you the facts as they are, this mentor is going to provide you with some positive suggestions about what you can change, and about how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.



A competent mentor is also one that is going to stick with you for as long as you need him.

In fact, the best mentoring relationships often last for years, so, when looking for a mentor that can help you improve your bookie business, make sure that the individual can work with you long-term.


Is Not Afraid of Being Surpassed

The best mentors out there are also people that are aware of the fact that their mentees are going to surpass them at some point.

If you are working with a mentor that understands and assimilates this verifiable truth, and sees this as a successful process, then you are definitely collaborating with the right person.


Is Older Than You

Although there are hundreds of thousands of young, smart individuals out there, the fact is that despite their big brains, they lack the experience.

An older mentor do have such maturity, and is wiser when it comes to taking important decisions that can considerably affect your bookie operation . What’s best, an older mentor is likely to be attracted to different things than you, so he is, in no way, a competitor.


Says No

If you are the boss at your sports betting start-up, chances are that there are not many individuals under you who are willing to say no to any of your requests.

On the other hand, a good mentor is eager to challenge you this way because he knows that by doing so, he is helping you build up your character, and that is definitely a positive attitude that should be encouraged.

So when a mentor says no to you, remember that he is doing so because of the beneficial impact this will have for your bookie business.

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