Bookie Information Site: The Code, Head and Title

Elements such as pictures, flash and video all serve a roll in the construction of a price per head bookie information website, but bookie-information-site-code-head-titlewhen you get to the core of the structure for a specific page, you are looking at HTML.

HTML pages can be considered the building blocks of your pay per head bookie information site, so it is certainly worth it to do the right planning in order to create them in a way that is going to favor your PageRank. Here is some useful info on why it is important to properly optimize the HTML code, including the head and the title.


Code of your Bookie Information Website


Since the web crawlers analyze sites based on the actual code (they don’t understand images or similar content), you really want to write the code of your bookmaking information website in a way in which is going to be easy for the spiders to read it.

Try to avoid burying content way down in the coding. This is an obvious must-do for professional SEO practitioners, but the average site owner might fall into this mistake because he or she is not fully aware of the concepts related to optimization, and this can be quite costly in terms of how rankings in the SERPs are affected.


Head Section

When you start optimizing the pages of your bookie information site, you certainly need to start with the head section as this is the area that is first introduced to the search engines.

In other words, this is where the spiders get the first impression on your site. Here is where they realize what your bookie information website is all about.

Remember that when you’re constructing a site you need to impress not only the search engines, but also visitors. This is the main reason why the head of the site should also be informative for users.

There are four top parts on this section: the title, keywords, the description and the robots tags. All of those belong to the family that is known as metadata, which can be defined as “data about data.”

The purpose of the first 3 is to define content and the last mentioned one, the robots tags, is used to define how top engines such as Google should manage the data and links on the pages of your bookie information website.


Title Tag

Although the search engines won’t ever real their full algorithms, most search engine optimization experts agree on some elements that are definitely part of the main equation, and the title tag is one of them.

The title tag of a page is quite relevant because it is the first thing browsers see when they do a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is represented with bold letters in the SERPs, and by adding that boldness, the top engines certainly want to tell us that this tag is of great importance.

When you optimize the title tag properly, you can obtain: increased page ranking results, a better perception in terms of branding and of course more click-throughs.

On the other hand, when you don’t get title tags right, it can severely affects your relationship with the search engines and it will be quite difficult for prospective clients to find you. You really want to include your top keyword for the page on the title.

For the best results, keep it as short and sweet as possible (the recommended number of characters is between 48 and 56).

If you want your title tags to really be effective, consider the following:

Focus: Every page on your bookie information site must have a clear subject. Make sure to put the proper related keyword on the title tag.

Silo: All pages must support the theme of the pages that are above them and also those that link below. Theme-level keyword terms must be included in the title.

Branding: Some of the pages on your site are of great importance when it comes to branding while others not. If a certain page is created for branding purposes, don’t forget to add branded phrases in the title tag.

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