A Bookie Job: A Sports Betting Career

A bookie is someone that manages a number of gambling activities.bookie-job-sports-betting-career

He usually runs his business from his own home office and works with a price per head company. Also known as a PPH Shop, this is an offshore provider of sportsbook software for bookmakers, and call center and web betting services for players.


Bookie Business: Main Priority

In order to work as a bookie, the main priority is to get new players on an ongoing basis.

For this reason, it is necessary to nurture a set of people skills in order to display an outgoing personality when in company of potential new clients.



The bookie software offered by the pay per head company shows all the live processed action by players, either online, or taken through the offshore call center.


Onshore / Offshore

The best option for a bookie that is just getting started is to stay onshore in order to recruit players.

On the other hand, an established bookmaker can even opt to move offshore and run his sports betting business remotely.



As a bookie, you should:

  • Always Be Selling your business to others.
  • Get new players, and keep current ones satisfied.
  • Pay winners on time.
  • Deal with any possible complaints.
  • Make sure that your players are receiving the best possible customer service experience.
  • Pay your sub-agents on time.
  • Make sure your sub-agents do collections on time.


Work your Own Hours

As a bookie, you can decide how many hours your actually want to work during a given week.

If you are satisfied with the profits that you are making, then you can take it slow and enjoy your earnings, otherwise, you can opt for putting some extra time into promoting your Sports Betting business.

You can do this by meeting players face to face, or you can even promote your bookie business online.

A real committed bookie is one that tries to be present at most big sporting events, and the reason for doing this is because the bookmaker’s chances of signing new clients increases.

Indeed, the more hours a bookie commits to deal with new players, the better his profits.


Get Help, or Get Better

If you are an individual with previous customer service experience and is also friendly with numbers, then certainly a bookie career is one that you can consider.

If you don’t fully master the aforementioned skills, don’t worry, you can always ask for help.

You can hire someone that can assist you in certain areas of your business, allowing you to keep focused on your strong areas.

Or you can also opt for reading the right books and learn from the right people in order to master all the necessary skills yourself, the choice is always yours.

If you actually decide to take the necessary training, then you can consider the following areas:

  • Calculating Wagers
  • Applicable Laws
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Environments
  • Customer Service
  • Managing Personnel
  • Amongst Others


Remember, since a bookie uses price per head services, most of the work is taken care of, which means that the bookmaker don’t have to master the aforementioned skills.

But if you as a bookie decide to learn what’s necessary, your chances of growing a profitable sports betting business are substantially greater.

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