Bookie Management Software And Pay per Head Player Services

If you’re an agent who’s looking to make things easier for yourself, you definitely want the best Bookie Management Software, and

Bookie Management Software And Pay per Head Player Services
Bookie Management Software And Pay per Head Player Services

here’s how to get it:


Bookie Management Software: Working With A Pay per Head Shop

As a top bookmaking agent, you definitely want the best Bookie Management Software; and to get it you need to contact a top PPH Shop.

Now, there are many PPH offshore services providers out there.

But you should consider working with one that’s located in Costa Rica.

The reason is because this will allow you to get the best value for you cash.

So, once you contact the right Costa Rica pay per head company, you will get ONE FREE WEEK to test everything out.

During that week, you’ll be able to test these services:

  • Bookie Management Software
  • Sports Betting and Gaming Website
  • Call Center Access


Bookie Management Software

This sportsbook software is a real status symbol!

Not all agents work with PPH solutions; so by getting this tool, you’re already one step ahead of the competition.

Indeed, this sports betting software promises to make you the top agent in your area.

And you shouldn’t need any kind of training because this is a tool that’s very easy to use.

In fact, once you sign up, you’ll be able to start using this wagering software as a real pro.

Now, here are the main benefits of this tool:

  • Agent Reports
  • Full Bookie Management Software Options
  • Wagering Menu Management


Agent reports

These reports are the ones that shows you all the action of your players from different strategic angles.

And you can also check out how well your operation is doing versus your clients.

Plus, these reports also include information on wiseguy activity!

This means that the PPH company will always inform you about the kind of wagering or gambling activities you don’t want for your business.

This way, you can take immediate action, allowing you to save cash and make a lot more.


Full Bookie Management Software Options

Using this Bookie Management Software you can also edit everything related to the accounts of your players.

This of course except the wagering activity of clients!

Now, this is what you can do with this amazing tool:

  • Create new accounts or shut down current ones in seconds: This is a great feature that you definitely want to count with. And that’s because it allows you to create a new account in an instant, and you can also close any accounts from unwanted players, also in no time at all.
  • Set all kinds of limits: You really want to have the option of setting limits, including limits for wagering types, and limits related to the amount of cash that a player is able to risk.


Wagering Menu Management

With this tool, you can also manage all the wagering lines provided by the pay per head company.

With that said, such lines are outstanding, and really don’t require any editing from you.

But you always have the option of editing any lines you want, and having that option it’s what truly matters.

Plus, you can also create your own lines from scratch!

This means that you can create your own props, or any other particular line you consider your players may be interested in.


Sports Betting and Gaming Website

Now apart from the best Bookie Management Software, you also get services that are destined for your players.

The main of these solutions is a website where your clients can place their bets all by themselves.

And all they need to do so is a simple user name and password, which you can easily create for them.

With this user and pass, your clients get immediate access to the wagering area area.

However, if you want your customers to get access to the online casino area, you need to pay an extra weekly fee.

With that said, this is a very profitable solution that will help you double your profits effortlessly.

And soon enough you will be paying the extra weekly fee out of your own profits.

Now, there are two versions of this gambling service, and your clients can have access to both:

  • Flash games: These are the standard games which your clients can use all by themselves. It includes popular games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots.
  • Live casino: Your customers can also play with the help of live dealers! These are real virtual dealers, a feature which provides a similar experience than physical casinos.


Standard or Custom Website

When you sign up with a top Bookie Management Software provider, you’ll be given two options:

  • Standard website
  • Custom website


Standard website

This is the site where the players of the bookies whom are running small wagering operations get their action.

So, if you’re an agent with a small sports betting business, this is definitely the best choice for you…

On the other hand, if you have big plans of expansion, chances are that you could use a…


Custom website

This is a website that is going to be available only for your own clients.

It’s a service that allows you to pick the design of the site, and also its name.

So, this is definitely a website that will allow you to enhance your image as a top agent, making you one of the top agents in your area.


Call Center Access

Last but not least, your clients can also get access to an offshore, modern call center.

This is the base of operations for the pay per head company, and it’s also a place that’s packed with the latest technology.

This call center is also full of wagering and gambling professionals, all of which are ready to deliver the best experience for your clients.

These pros include: floor managers, wagering clerks, line movers, client attention personnel, and website developers.

Plus, this is a service that works with your own 1-800 number!

Which means that only your players will have access to such number, a number they can dial 24-7, 365 days a year.


As you can see all you need to do to get access to the best Bookie Management Software is to contact the right PPH company, and get your trial period, NOW!

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