Bookie Tips: Money lines and Point Spreads’ Differences

Straight bets are the most common ones amongst the different sports betting types offered by your price per head bookie.bookie-money-lines-spreads-differences

And the reason of their popularity is their simplicity, as the bettor is asked to make a single pick either on the money line, the side or the over/under, granting him a 50/50 chance of winning the wager.


Bookie Tips: The Money Line


When putting a bet on the money line with your price per head bookie, you are betting to a particular team, player or sporting event to win.

You can either pick the favorite or the underdog, the favored line looks like -300 (identified by a minus sign), which means that in order to win $100 dollars, you need to place a wager for $300, for a total return of $400, which is the amount you bet plus your winnings.

And when it comes to the non-favored team, your bookmaking agent provides you with a line that looks like +400 (identified by a plus sign), which means that in order to make $400, you need to place a bet for $100, which is an indication of how hard it will be to win it, as you get to risk less to win more.


The Point Spread

Wagering on the point spread allows the player of the pay per head bookie to wager on a favorite line that looks like -5, which means that in order to win the bet, the chosen team needs to come up with a victory that can actually cover the spread.

For example, if you bet on the Bulls -5, and the final score is Chicago 100, Miami 92, it means that you win the bet because when you take 5 points out of your team’s final score, it comes to a total of 95 points for the Bulls, which is still higher than the 92 points from the Heat.

On the other hand, if the final score was 100-97, and you picked the Bulls at -5, it means that even though your selected team won the game, you lost the wager you made with your price per head bookie, as when you take 5 points out of the 100, you end up with 95, which is less than Miami’s 97 final points.

When it comes to  bet  underdogs on the spread, instead of subtracting  points from your team’s final score, you add points, which  gives you an  advantage over your price per head bookie, although this also means that you’ll win less cash.

As you can see, both lines and sides are quite attractive, which is why it is quite recommended to try both for a while with your pay per head bookie in order to check which wagering type is actually the one that is more appealing to you.

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