Bookie Tips for Online Business Networking

One of the top abilities of the web is to connect people from all over the world, and this is certainly favorable for the expansion and bookie-online-business-networkingnetworking plans of a bookie entrepreneur.


Bookie Tips: How to Network Online for Business Purposes


Here are some tips related to how you can network online for business purposes.



When it comes to blogs, it is important both to visit them, and to have one or more for your own bookie business.

You can visit blogs that are related to the sports betting and gambling industries (or other blogs related to your sportsbook operation), and add your thoughts on the comments section of the different blog posts.

And also don’t forget to create your own bookie blog in order to make it easier for prospective clients and industry-related people to contact you.



There are also many forums on the web where bookie entrepreneurs and other individuals of interest share their thoughts on a variety of subjects. You can visit these forums in order to post questions related to your bookmaking business, or to answer other questions posted by other users.


User Groups

A user group allows you to send and receive emails from a special group. When a member sends an email, all the members receive it simultaneously. This is great because this is a group of users that shares a particular interest, allowing for extra relevant exchanges.


Online Communities

This is a broad term that includes social media, and other large websites that are massively visited by people on a regular basis.

You can publish your own bookie profile on each one of these sites (or pay someone to do this work for you), and you can also search for people that are part of a given community in order to add it to your network of contacts.


Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts, you can receive emails with links to new web pages that carries your search phrase. This is quite useful in order to search for people based on what they are talking about on the web.


Be Aware

Now, it is important to remember that when you are contacting people on the web in order to expand the online network of your bookie business, some of the stuff some people tells you may not be completely true. So, for this reason, always try to be a little skeptical in order to avoid adding the wrong people to your professional network.


Be Receptive

Remember that networking is a 2-side process, so when you make contact with someone online, and that person is receptive to what you are saying, then don’t forget to try to be as helpful and polite as possible

This is because you don’t want to just add a new contact to your network, but you also want to establish a more cordial, professional relationship with the person.

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