Bookie Online Casino: A Quick Guide to Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular games at the bookie online casino.bookie-online-casino-guide-playing-blackjack

This is mostly because it is a game that is simple, it is also attractive enough to become addictive with time, and it possesses the best odds when compared to other games.


Bookie Online Casino: How to Play


The object of Blackjack is to be superior to the dealer at the bookie online casino by obtaining a total that is higher than his without going above 21.

If you go over, you will be “busted” and will lose the hand. You are originally dealt two cards, both faced up, and the dealer will deal himself another pair, but with one of the cards faced down.

You then need to make a decision and see if you want to get “hit” with another card or “stand” (you don’t want more cards because you might go over 21), depending on the dealer’s card which is faced up.

There is a hand named Blackjack, which comes when you get 21 right away, which comes in the form of an Ace and a card with a value of ten. This hand beats any other hand at the bookie online casino, even another 21 hand that is made of more than 2 cards. It pays 3:2, which means that if you lay $100, you will get $250 dollars back.

When you are playing this game at the bookie online casino and obtain two cards with the same value, you are allowed to split the cards into 2 separate hands to then play both independently of the other.

For example, if you are dealt a couple of eights, which totals 16, this is probably one of the worst hands which a player can obtain because it is not likely to reach 21, so, you can split both of the eights, for which you will need to also double the amount you were laying on the table.

Now, if you obtain another pair, then you can either stand, or you can double the bet again and get hit with another card, and, you might be able to continue to do this as many times as you want as long as you continue to get hit with pairs at the bookie online casino.

If this sounds a bit complicated for you, do not worry about it, as you will pick it up as you continue to play, and who knows, you might as well become a proficient Blackjack player.

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