Bookie Online Casino: Learn about Poker Hands

Have you passed by the poker table, or have you been on the web browsing for some online casino websites and felt tempted to openbookie-online-casino-learn-poker-hands an account and start playing, but you don’t know the game too well?


Bookie Online Casino: The Hands


Read below and you will find useful information as to how your hand at the price per head bookie casino can beat another one or vice versa, in order to count with a valuable insight on what to do when you are shown a certain set of cards.
Let’s start with…


The Royal Flush (also known as an ace-high)

This is the highest ranked poker hand formed by an Ace, a K (King), a Q (Queen), a J (Jack) and a 10.

When you are dealt a few cards that you consider interesting enough in order to attempt for the royal flush, you must take into consideration that all of them must be made of the same suit (clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts).


The straight flush

This one is a little less complicated to obtain as you are aiming for any set of five straight cards ( for example), though they do have to be of the same suit also.


Four of a kind

Just like the name says, a player must obtain four cards equal in value (4 sevens for example) and of equal or different suit.

This one can allow a player to win if nobody else has a better hand, but in case 2 players have a four of a kind, the 5th card will decide the outcome of the hand with the winner being the person holding the 5th card with the biggest value.


Full House

This hand includes 3 cards that match with other 2 cards that also match (222 and 33 is a good example)

If there are two full houses, the outcome of the play will be decided by the highest ranked set of cards, in this case the set of 3 cards (for example 555, 22 defeats 444, AA).



This is a hand made out of 5 cards of the same suit, no matter what the sequence of the cards are (Q, A, 2, 5, 7 of diamonds is a good example).

In case of two players with a flush, the highest card will decide the outcome, and in case of matching highest cards, then the second highest will decide the outcome, and so on.


A Straight

A Straight is a hand made up of 5 sequential cards, and two different suits. A good example is 4,5,6 of spades, and 7,8 of diamonds.


Three of a Kind

This is a hand that is made up of 3 cards of the same rank, plus 2 extra cards. A good example is Q, Q, Q and K, 6.


Two Pair

This is a hand that contains 2 pairs of cards, each pair made up of cards of the same rank, and also an extra card.


One Pair

This is a hand that contains just a single pair of cards of the same rank, and 3 extra cards.


High Card

This is a hand that contains none of the above requirements. When no one has a winning hand on the table, the player with the highest card wins.

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