Bookie Online Casino: Mistakes to Avoid when Playing Poker Part 1

If you are a poker enthusiast but are just starting to understand this bookie online casino game, this article can help you with some bookie-online-casino-mistakes-avoid-poker-1tips in order to prevent common beginner mistakes.


Bookie Online Casino: When playing a lot of starting hands


It is a mathematical fact that only 20% of all starting poker hands at the bookie online casino are profitable in the presence of ten opponents.

For example, when you have 7-2 offsuit in a late position and one player in the game, most likely it will cost you a huge blind to call, but if you are in this situation, the winnings which you are expecting will be smaller than one huge blind. Who knows, you might get lucky, but it is certain that you will lose in the long run.


Cold calling with a bad hand

Too many poker players are fond of cold calling pre-flop (for those of you who don’t know what a cold call is, it means that you are calling two bets at the same time pre-flop).

This is most certainly an incorrect way of playing poker at the bookie online casino. For example, let’s say that you have an ace and a queen, and someone in early position has raised before you did, in this particular situation, your opponent has an outstanding hand such as a pocket tens or ace and jack, in this case, your ace and queen only dominates ace and jack, as you are certainly an underdog against a TT hand.

The question is, why would you like to get involved in such an unfavorable situation when you really do not have to invest in it?

If you were to raise with your ace and queen, chances are that you might end up with the best hand, and you might even obtain another ace and queen to fold if other players are being cautious with their plays at the bookie online casino.


To limp in with an ace and a king or a high pair

When you take a look at the table, you might find opponents whom will only call with hands such as ace and king or with queen and queen to attempt to trap the other players, but this is certainly a huge mistake because such type of hands can easily be ruined with 2 overcards in the flop.

Check back for the second part of this how-to-play guide.

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