Bookie Online Casino: Mistakes to Avoid when Playing Poker Part 2

This is the second part of the guide that we have created to help you avoid clear mistakes when playing poker at the bookie online bookie-online-casino-mistakes-poker-2casino. Read on and become more proficient at the game in order to obtain better earnings.


Bookie Online Casino: Playing dominated hands

The majority of players simply do not mind about their kicker, and it is probably because of this factor that they tend to lose too much cash at the bookie online casino.

A clear example is when you get to play small aces such as A9 or something on that line and you then hit the ace, you will be simply dominated and will carry the so-called high-priced 2nd best hand.

Other clear examples of dominated hands are king/jack, king/ten, queen/jack, queen/ten and jack/ten. Dominated hands tend to win low and lose big.


Calling a hand with weak draws

A draw is an untidy poker hand at the bookie online casino that you play because of the EV (or expected value). You want to call a wager from your opponent if you have the right odds to do so. Example: if you have a hand similar to an ace and a 4 or a king/ten/9 flop, and then you think that there is a chance to obtain an ace then you call.

In this particular situation, you are forgetting that there is a 1 in 15 chance of an ace showing up. You also forget that another player might already have 2 pair or a straight, and you will certainly lose to any bigger ace.

This is a very regular mistake that your opponents make and from which you can obtain a large percentage of your total winnings.


Playing poker in a passive way with a hand made

You will normally see many rookies speak like: my opponents are playing all sorts of cards, even if I am wagering and raising like there is no tomorrow, and then they would not fold and finally on the river, they will break, so it is certainly better not to wager in the first place.

What is the mathematical mistake here? You are giving away while you can possibly win and are also allowing other players to see the card that is coming next for free. You need to make other players pay to beat you.

Hopefully this second part of the guide can truly help you avoid mistakes that can cost you money at the bookie online casino.

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