Run Your Bookie Operation Better By Boosting Your Confidence

If you started your career as a pay per head bookie with some big plans for the future but for some reason you are just not moving bookie-operation-boosting-confidenceforward and things are somehow stagnating, here we have some excellent confidence-building tips that will surely help you get back on track.


Bookie Operation: Don’t Fear Some Negative Responses


Sure, going out there and get new clients for your price per head bookmaking operation might not be so easy and you will certainly get some rude responses from time to time, but that is normal in any business.

What is important is that you prepare beforehand in order to know how to assimilate such negative feedback. You can start by practicing your “sales pitch” with someone close to you and get that person to respond to you negatively in order to toughen up your character and assimilate rejection in a better way.


Think Small Short-Term To Achieve Big Things in the Long-Term

Although it is great that you have a long-term plan, you really need to focus on the things that you do in the short-term in order to get to where you want to be as a bookie.

If you start targeting big-time players and you don’t get their business right away, you might feel frustrated, so, we recommend you to target small players first so you can start building up your Sports Betting portfolio.

It is likely that the big players that said no to you a while ago might want to start placing bets with you after they’ve witnessed the gradual and steady growth of your betting operation.


Keep on Learning

Have you wondered if your lack of confidence is based on your perception of yourself as an unknowledgeable agent? If that’s the case, then you can always try to improve in the areas where you lack ability in order to give your determination a much needed boost.


Make Friends with Other Bookies

Sometimes people have the need to express how they feel about their jobs but talking to their spouses or relatives don’t work because they need to be heard by someone that can really understand. A bookie is certainly not the exception, so it is good that you make friends with other agents in order to have people that get you and who can also give you some useful advice.

If you feel that finding friendly bookies in your area is difficult, you can always go to the internet and become part of a web community such as a chat or a forum where bookies gather.


Avoid Toxic Individuals

There are those whom are fond of gambling and those whom disapprove of it, so if your friends or someone in your family diss your business, simply try not to discuss it with them. If they ask you about it or start making negative comments, avoid expanding the conversation and try to finish it as soon as possible.


Never Say that You are an Aspiring Bookie

That is just an ugly way of naming yourself a wannabe agent. Sure, maybe you’re just starting your career as a bookie and are still not making as much money as you want to, but the truth is that you became a bookmaker since the moment you took your first bet.

So, in reality, you are not aspiring to be an agent because you already are one. Make sure that you know the difference and that you are aware of the fact that playing in the big leagues takes time, so try to be as patient as you can until you are earning as much cash as you wish.


Do Daily Affirmations

Talking to yourself in a positive way can have great benefits when it comes to becoming a more confident individual, so think of empowering phrases that you find helpful, repeat them constantly and try to make a habit of it.

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