Bookie Pay per Head Tips: Making a Positive Impression

In a work environment, such as the one of your bookie pay per head company, you have two choices: you can irritate others, or you can stand out as a cherished owner.


Bookie Pay per Head: Having a Positive Impact on the Job


Here is some useful information on how to maintain positive relationships with the staff of your bookmaking business.


Personality Types

As the head of your bookie pay per head establishment, you must be able to know what those around you like and dislike.

Since you must show yourself as a polite individual, you must remember that politeness involves being sensitive to the differences in personality types.

Here are some of the most common personality types which can be found at a work environment:


Control Freak: This is an individual that wants to do all things himself. A type of person like this finds it hard to trust others, but on the positive side, it is someone that is willing to do a great deal of work for your bookie pay per head operation.

A control freak is easy to identify due to his impatience with others and his desire to be professionally challenged on a regular basis.


Appreciation Fan: This is the type of person that is always looking for recognition from others. It is someone that is fond of self-promotion, and that it gets on a bad mood when her hard work doesn´t get the proper public recognition.


Obsessive: This is someone that is obsessed with getting things right all the time. A person like this is considered an info addict, and although she is a hard worker (which is great for your bookie pay per head company), she doesn’t enjoy making decisions, and instead prefer to work under the command of another individual.


Consensus-Builder: This is the person that wants all the people in the sports betting office to get along. Since this is someone that wants everybody to agree on a given point, this person is not quick to make decisions. She of course prefers to work on a group than to be the lone wolf in the pack.


Socialite: This is someone that is fond of chatting on a regular basis and who also wants people to have a good time, all the time.

Although the social nature of this individual can be negative for working production, this is indeed someone that people likes to work with because it improves the motivation of others.


After reading this, you can probably think of yourself as belonging to just one of these particular personality types, but the truth is that we all possess some of the characteristics from all, or some of these identity types.

So, if you know that everybody is different, you can use this knowledge to your advantage in order to assign tasks to your workers according to what they can do better.

For example, if you need to put a project together, a consensus-builder is required, or, if you need a long report to be meticulously analyzed, then an obsessive individual is the one that is best suited to perform such task.


The Right Office Manners

Since all these aforementioned personality types are forced to be together for professional purposes, the following tips are helpful to survive in a workplace environment:

  • Make sure to dress in a way that is consistent with the culture of your bookie pay per head company.
  • If your office includes cubicles, and you work on one yourself, treat your cubicle as if it possesses its own ceiling and door, meaning that you must focus your attention to what is taking place inside the cubicle, and not outside. Also, try to keep personal phone conversations to a minimum.
  • If you work in a building, chances are that you use the elevator all the time. If this is the case, when you take the elevator and you are getting off near the top, then move to the rear, and if you are getting off on a lower floor, make sure to stay close to the front.
  • Although you may not be friendly with everybody at the office, you must force yourself to say hello and good morning to all the people that you encounter in the office halls.
  • Avoid interrupting the co-workers of your bookie pay per head company unnecessarily, and also try not to visit them at their own cubicles or offices when they are busy.
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