Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: Working with Press Releases

A PR or press release is a great method to distribute information about your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site to the general


After you’ve sent a PR with the help of a third-party, the data that it contains is commonly stored on that company’s website.


Bookie Pay per Head Solutions Tips: Creating PR’s


Most of the sites that offer a PR service make it possible for you to create your own press release, including direct links to your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site.

Besides, it also guarantees that you’ll gain a backlink, but not just any kind of inbound link, but one that is coming from content that is both relevant and optimized with the proper anchor text for your desired keyword (s).

PR’s should be created at least once every 2 months in order to inform people interested in your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions that there is something new to offer or that you are running a special promotion that will last for a limited time.

Make sure that when you create a press release you are providing information on significant subjects or events that are worthy of discussion and that invites others to visit your bookmaking site.


Getting Help

You can actually do all of your PR’s yourself or you can hire someone to do this job for you.

In the case that you decide to let somebody else to write your press releases, make sure that you let that person know all that he or she has to know about your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions so the info is fully accurate about what you have to offer and also so your PR’s can be easily accepted by distribution companies such as PRWeb.



As mentioned above, you can add your own links to your PR’s. For every link that you insert into your content, you need to add the right anchor text that is related to the landing pages for the Bookie Pay per Head Solutions that you wish to promote.

Ideally, the links that you add should go the home page of your Price per Head Services site or to pages that you consider as the most relevant ones.

For example, if you’ve created a special promo for new clients, you can add that content on a new page and add a direct link to it on your PR.


Avoid Sounding like an Ad

Try not to sound like an advertisement. People really does not enjoy reading a PR that it doesn’t have nothing to offer but a commercial, although you can actually create press releases which are part ad / part great, attractive info on the advantages of the new stuff that you’re offering.

What you need to consider when writing your PR’s is that they should not sound like sales pitches because it is likely that people will tend to avoid reading them.


Do Not Repeat Yourself

When you create a new press release, make sure that there is a real reason for it. In other words, try not to repeat the same content that you already wrote about. Also, avoid repeating info that is available elsewhere on the internet.


Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Writing PR’s should be done in the same as you write content for your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site.

This means that you must utilize natural writing and avoid stuffing your content with, for example, the same keyword written 3 times in the same paragraph.

You indeed need to repeat your aimed keyword, but you need to distribute it in a way that it will sound natural for both readers and web crawlers.


PR’s for Link Magnets

A link magnet is for example a widget or chart that is in direct relationship with your industry of interest. You can create PR’s every time you create one. In such case, you can write a press release announcing the launch of your link magnet while also pointing out its top advantages.

Note: A link magnet is not the same as link bait, and we truly recommend that you avoid writing PR’s for the latter as this can hurt the reputation of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site with both users and spiders.

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