Bookie Tips for Players: How Betting Lines Work

Betting lines are designed to allow the player of bookie to wager on a prediction of a possible outcome related to a given sports bookie-players-betting-lines-workbetting event, and such lines or odds, are a type of measure to determine how much the player can win based on how much he’s wagering.


Bookie Tips, Money Lines:


When wagering with money lines, the player of a price per head bookie will see something similar to this:

Cubs + 155

Yankees -170

The team listed below with a minus sign are the favorites (most of the time this is because they have home advantage but this can vary depending on the quality of the home team versus the visitor), while the above team, listed with a plus sign, is called the underdog, or least favorite team.

The “+” sign represents the amount of money which the player of the price per head bookie can win when betting $100, and in this case, the bettor can win $155, plus his original $100 for a total of $255.

On the other hand, the” –“sign represents the amount of cash the player of the bookmaking agent needs to bet in order to make $100.

As you can see, the underdog, or visiting team can make the player more money while risking less, and the favorite will make you less by risking more.


Point Spreads:

Let’s check the example below:

Lions +4

Patriots -7

Wagering on point spreads also utilize the “+” and “-“signs, but they are used in a different way as they symbolize points.

Now, if the final score of the game was Detroit 18, New England 21, and the clients of the price per head bookie placed a bet on the Lions, it means that he won the wager.

This is because even though they lost the match, when you sum the 4 points listed for Detroit,  they end up as winners 22 to 21.

On the other hand, if you placed a bet on the Patriots, you lost the bet, as when you subtract seven points from the Pats final score, you end with a 14-18 score that favors Detroit.



Betting on a totals means that the player of the price per head bookie is making a bet on the combined score of both teams at the end of the game.


Packers: 32

Jets: 14

The total on this game is 46 points, and let’s say that the listed line was 40. If the player placed a bet for the game to go under 40 points, then he lost his bet, but if he bet for the game to go over 40 points, then he won.

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