Bookie Price per Head Services: Getting Things Done System

By any chance you happen to have in mind a list of things to do that really gets your attention away from the work you are supposed bookie-price-per-head-services-getting-things-done-systemto do for your Bookie Price per Head Services business?

Maybe it has happened to you that you forget about completing a key task or maybe you feel that you have way too many responsibilities? If that is your case, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Getting overwhelmed is a phenomenon of today’s fast-moving world, and because of that particular reason, productivity experts have come up with a variety of methods to overcome such problem, and one of them is the one called Getting Things Done or GTD.

Let’s check out some information about it, and how you can use it for the benefit of your Bookie Services operation.


Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: Background


Back in the 20’s Bluma Zeigarnic from Lithuania was eating out at a local restaurant, and during that dinner, she noticed that the waiters were able to remember difficult orders with ease, delivering the right plates to the right tables without a problem.

She also realized that despite their ability to remember orders, after an order has been paid for, it quickly left the mind of the waiter, so if for any reason a client returned with a query about a certain plate they had at the restaurant, the waiter had a bad time remembering it.

After checking this out, she suddenly realized that once a person has dealt with a certain task, he or she drops it from his or her mind, no matter if the task was actually completed or not.


Open Loops

David Allen, an expert on the subject, called these types of tasks “open loops,” which he defined as: anything getting our attention that does not belong where it is, the way it is.

Even individuals whom are not feeling consciously stressed, will experience an increase in their productive energy when they’re able to handle the open loops in their lives better.

GTD then, is a system that helps business pros, including Bookie Price per Head Services providers, to be able to control their loops in a better way in order to focus on the actual task at hand.

This of course means that you will not be able to complete all of your lives’ current open loops. On the other hand, it should give you some peace of mind to know that you are currently dealing with your loops in some way.

Most importantly, since you are getting more productive, you will be able to complete more open loops than before.

When applying GTD, all open loops have their own place. You can see GTD as a filling cabinet for all of the open loops related to your bookmaking business that you have to deal with.

Some open loops will be dealt with immediately, while others are going to be stored in order to return to them later on.


The Steps

Here are the steps to GTD:


Step 1: Collecting

The first thing that you must do is to put together your open loops related to your Bookie Price per Head Services business in collection buckets.

Sit down and do some brainstorming in order to collect as many open loops as you can. Other open loops will actually come from external sources, including your clients.

Although your collection buckets will help you separate your open loops in a more organized way, you must have as few as possible in order to make it easier for you to deal with your tasks.


Step 2: Empty the Buckets

You must try to empty your buckets as often as possible, or at least put some real work into trying to do so in order to close as many open loops as possible.


Step 3: Organize your “Next Actions List”

In order to empty your buckets properly, you must use a Next Actions List that contains more than thirty items related to your Bookie Price per Head Services operation. There are two ways to organizing your list: either by the priority of the item or by context.


Step 4: Getting Things Done

Now that you have your buckets and an organized list to work with, it is actually time to start getting some work Done!

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