Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: Keeping it Local

Although freelancing is a great gateway to get international clients, you can opt for promoting yourself as a local Bookie Price per bookie-price-per-head-services-keeping-localHead Services provider and still make some great profits.

For players who prefer to deal with local agents because they like to know who they’re working with, doing business with a local freelancing Bookie Price per Head Services provider is certainly better than getting their action with an agent that is only available online or over the phone.

If you really want to promote yourself as a local Bookie Services provider, there are a few things that you need to be aware of and that can help you a lot.


Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: The Always-On-Call Situation


Although you want to hit your local sports betting market, there are some boundaries related to clients that you need to consider, including the always-on-call problem.

Just because you live nearby your players that don’t mean that you need to answer a phone call by the same customer every ten minutes (to put an example).

In fact, it is in the best interest of your Bookie Price per Head Services operation if you speak with your customers clearly about the times that are OK for them to call you.

In other words, you need to set a calling schedule as this will allow you to enjoy more quality time with your loved ones and to spend some hours on other tasks that are non-work related and which require your full attention and focus.


Calling Exceptions

There are of course exceptions when it comes to your calling schedule.

For example, when there are important games that will finish very late at night, you can allow the clients of your Bookmaking Solutions business to call you as many times as they want.

This is because they will not be calling you just to ask you for current lines and instead, they will be dialing your toll free number because they want to get some real action, and that is certainly cash in your pocket.

Just let your clients know that it is always fine to call you when there are outstanding games on the board, otherwise you will only be taking calls during your scheduled hours.



There are certain rules that can help you run your local Bookie Price per Head Services operation in a better way, and here are the ones we believe that can really make the difference:

  • Make it clear to prospective or current clients that if they want to meet you in person, your will only do it in a place other than your home. For no reason allow players to visit you where you live because they can make a habit of it.
  • Even though you are going local, we still recommend you to not give up your actual address. Instead, get yourself a P.O. Box.
  • Sure, maybe some of your clients live just a few miles away, or even a few houses away from yours, but it is still quite important that you try to keep your personal life fully separated from your professional life.


VIP Clients

Let’s face it, you want to run a Bookie Price per Head Services business because you want to make some money, and it is likely that the big rollers are the ones that are providing you with most of your profits.

We recommend you to make an exception for the clients that spend a lot of cash with you because that type of customers enjoys feeling special.

They want to be treated as royalty, as VIP clients, and if you don’t provide them with the kind of service they need, expect and want, they might just decide to leave you for another agent.

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