Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: Web 2.0 and Widgets

You probably have heard of the term Web 2.0, but what is it and how can it be applied to your online Bookie Price per Head Services bookie-price-per-head-services-web-2-0-widgetsoperation? Here is some useful information.


Bookie Price per Head Services: What is Web 2.0?


Web 2.0 is technology with some clear goals: to get people close to each other, stimulate conversation and increase creativity.

The online standard out there is static pages with really no interaction. Web 2.0 is aimed at creating more vivid Bookie Price per Head Services websites which allow users to affect the current status of a given page. Social networking sites and widgets are probably the best known examples of web 2.0.



Functioning tools or widgets are HTML pieces of code that can be easily added or embedded to a page of your Bookie

Services site, and which can be utilized by users for interaction purposes.

If you currently have a blog or a Bookie Price per Head Services website, you can include widgets of a different variety in order to catch the attention of prospective clients.

For example, you can do some research in sites such as Widgipedia for sports results widgets, which will indeed increase the chances of getting new visitors to return to your website in order to check for fresh sporting results on a regular basis.


Creating your own Widgets

When you create a custom widget, you can add a direct link to your site. This is certainly great because it can help you to increase the traffic of your site.

The types of widgets that you can use to bring more people to your Bookmaking Solutions site include online quizzes, astrology, fun ones, etc.

When you create a quiz, always keep in mind your targeted audience. For example, you can come up with quizzes related to sports or gambling. The point is to attract the attention of players.

On the other hand, if, for the moment, you are just interested in getting traffic, no matter what kind, you can opt for creating widgets that are fun and not precisely related to the areas of interest of prospective customers.



Just like quizzes, polls are a type of widget that tends to get a lot of attention. What is great about polls is that apart from being used as tools to keep people on your Bookie Price per Head Services longer, they can also be utilized to get actual information about what people thinks of your business or your industry in general.

With such data at hand, you can make the changes that you consider necessary in order to improve in the areas where people consider you have some flaws, and by doing so, you can increase the respectability of your sports betting operation.


Linking Back to Your Site

When users post the results of a given quiz (or similar) on their own sites, blogs or even in social networking websites such as Facebook, they doing so using a line of HTML code

Such code comes with a link back to your site that can be used by other people to click on it in order to visit your Bookie Price per Head Services website.


Make your Widget Visible

If you really want your widget to bring you some good results, it is quite important that you make it as visible as possible.

You can even add some eye-catching colors in order to get visitors to focus on it when they visit your Bookie Price per Head Services website. On the other hand, if you fail to display your widget properly, you will just be wasting your time and efforts.

Also, make sure that the link to your website sticks out so visitors of third-party websites where someone is displaying the HTML code for your widget can find the link easily.

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