Bookie Tips: How to Research the Internet for Business

When it comes to researching the internet in relationship to your bookie business, there is almost too much info outbookie-research-internet-business there.

For this reason, you need to be as selective as you can, and to give you a hand, here we are offering some of the top, most recommended research tips.


Bookie Tips: Getting Better at Researching



You can opt for using the regular Google search bar, or you can go a step ahead and use the advanced search feature. This allows you to count with more criteria when doing some research related to your bookmaking operation.

Checking Rivals

If you want to extend your bookie business to the internet, you certainly need to hit the top spots at the SERPs (search engine results pages), and in order to do so, it is recommended to research the competition.

This means checking on websites that are trying to compete for the same keywords that you are aiming for.

Research People

It is quite normal for people to add their information to different websites. When you do business with someone, you can take the additional step and research that person on the web. Researching  someone on the web is great because it allows you to check on the criticism and praise towards that person.

For example, you can see if the player that you are planning on recruiting has a history on sports betting-related forums and blogs.

Join Newsgroups

If you are interested in a particular subject that may or be not be directly related to your bookie business, you can opt for joining newsgroups related to the subject of your interest.

This allows you to check on fresh data posted by organizations and individuals that are part of a community where everybody is interested in finding the same answers to the same questions.

Phone Numbers

Many people forget that you can also use the internet to research regular phone numbers. This is an excellent feature that allows you to check out on numbers that you are given when dealing with new clients of your bookie business.

University Sites

It is really amazing how vast it is the accurate information that you can obtain from a university site. You can, for example, find the pages of the academics that are directly or indirectly related to your business sector.

Most of these pages will come with its own set of hyperlinks to related, interesting pages.

Check Out Books

When you are interested in a particular subject related to how to run your bookie business, you can also opt for visiting a website such as amazon in order to buy related books.

What is good about amazon is that you can read the reviews that are on the site in order to decide which books are good and which ones should be discarded.

You can apply a series of filters in order to obtain the best possible search results, including getting info only on books with four stars or more reviews, pricing, and much more.

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