Bookie Tips: How to Play Round Robin Parlays

A round robin parlay allows the player of a price per head bookie to pair a series of different combinations of teams in a single wagerbookie-round-robin-parlays (between 3 and 10 teams).

It differs from the regular parlay bet in that you will still be able to win despite of an unwanted outcome related to a given pick.


Bookie Tips: Round Robins Explained


In order to explain round robins more easily, we are going to utilize an example in which we are picking 6 teams (in a RR you can either pick spreads, money lines or totals).

Let’s say that we are betting on a 6-team round robin: we are going to match our picks in as many possible combinations of teams as allowed by sports betting rules.

The amount of wagers that you can create out of your 6 picks depends entirely on you, as you can create as many wagers as possible.

Your price per head bookie can allow you to do this as long as no pick is duplicated in the same bet combination.

The wagers with more pick combinations will pay better, while those with fewer teams will pay less, but are more likely to become winners, giving you the edge over your bookmaking agent.

The amount that you are wagering on the round robin with your price per head bookie is the amount that you are laying on every single wager combination.

For example, let’s say that out of your 6 teams, you created 3 different wagers for $100 each.

This means that you are laying a total of $300 on 3 bets with different payout outcomes, all included in the same multi-team bet, and attached to dependent results.

If one of the picks in your RR becomes a loss, then all of the wagering combinations including that pick will become losses, while the rest of the bets that does not contain such pick will still be in play.

And in the case of a push, then wagers containing such pick will still be good but valuated differently; for example, if you have a 2-team parlay, then it turns into a straight wager.

As you can see, this betting type allows you to make more cash if you can actually win the full wager, though it is also riskier, as the amount that you need to risk with your price per head bookie is usually higher.

That is why it is recommended that you start with regular parlays and straight wagers if you are not very familiarized with sports betting.

And then, as soon as you have acquired enough experience with these, you can start with your first round robins and see if they are suitable for you.

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