Bookie Tips: Rules to Apply to your New Career

To become a freelance price per head bookie can really turn into a life-changing decision for you for the better and we’ve put togetherbookie-rules-new-career some rules that, when followed, will make it easier for you to launch your new career.


Bookie Tips: Identify Your Weaknesses and Work On Them


There are bookies that are good at math, some are better dealing with people, others are more proficient when it comes to market themselves, etc.

Think of which are your strongest and weakest points and once you have identified those in which you lack knowledge or experience, work on them in order to improve as much as you can. Maybe you’re still not the pay per head bookmaking agent that you want to be, but dealing with your weaknesses will certainly help you to continue to march in the right direction.


Write Down Your Goals

Having a vision of what you want your business to become is crucial because it helps you to work with a purpose in mind, with a mission. Think of the goals that you want to accomplish as an agent and write each one of them with a date next to it in order to force you to work harder.

Maybe you want to be one of the top bookies in your area? Maybe you want to have a certain number of players in your betting portfolio? Think of your own goals and see what you can come up with.


Take Action

After you have set your goals, it’s time to start working on getting to where you want to be, and for that reason, you need to take action as soon as possible. Just like with your goals, think of what actions can you take right now that will move you a step closer to reaching those professional milestones.

Examples of Actions you can take:

  • Pick a name that resembles your bookie operation in order to promote your business over the internet. (social networking, your own blog for example).
  • Go and get yourself some business cards.
  • Open up a PayPal account.
  • Hire someone to help you get new clients.


Get New Clients to Sample Your Business for Free

Although most areas of your business are covered by the pph shop, new clients whom have never placed wagers with a bookie that is using pay per head services might be hesitant about signing up with you because they prefer to deal with the agent directly.

Since you know beforehand that most new players will be pleased with the services they will receive, you can let them place a few bets for free both online and using the call center so they start feeling more comfortable with the way in which you run your betting operation.

To let new comers to sample your business for FREE is certainly an excellent option to enhance your image as a confident and professional agent.


Network as Much as Possible

Spending your free time on the internet networking with people is one of the wisest things you can start doing now if you want your business to prosper. Most people have Facebook or Twitter accounts for example, and many of them are players whom can become your clients in the future.

The idea is to be as active as possible and to network in a smart way, which means that you need to try to reach people that can either turn into a customer or hook you up with one or more.


Use Casino Services

Although using casino games is optional for agents, it is almost an imperative rule to get this service from the pph shop because there are times when the sports or horses action is low, and by offering popular games such as black jack or roulette to your players, you are making sure that you will always have a steady source of income.

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