Bookie Services Site: The Body Section

Apart from the page title, which is located at the top of the pages of your price per head bookie services site, the rest of the content bookie-services-site-body-sectionthat is visible is situated in the body section.

Since you want to please both users and web crawlers, you need to dedicate some considerable time to create high-quality content that favors your PageRank. Here is some useful info.


Bookie Services Website: Keyword-Rich Body


After the spiders have taken their time to read the summary data, it is important that they also find as much keyword-rich content within the body in order to support the title and description of every page. By working this way, you are creating a bookmaking services site that is fully optimized for the top engines such as Google.



When it comes to headings, you need to optimize them according to your ranking goals. Since the title tag of your page can be considered an H1 tag, it is advisable to add at least an H2 tag to every page on your pay per head bookie services website.

An H# tag should contain the main keyword phrase of a given page. Since you are also using the same term on meta tags, all of that textual content work together to favor your rankings.

Remember that you can always use different H# tags on the same pages of your site, but they should follow a hierarchical order, which means that if you add an h2 tag, it must be followed by an h3 and not viceversa.

Also, try to avoid using many heading tags because they can dilute the theme of a given page of your bookie services website. Your best bet when working with headings is to think of such structure as a table of contents in order to use tags accordingly.



Written content is king for your bookie services site. At least that is what its true for Google’s spiders. For this reason, you should write your top pages with a minimum of 300 words and an average of 450 for your top ones.

You also need to make sure that the content that you are going to post online is useful to prospective clients and also rich in SEO material.


Attracting Visitors

Remember that you are creating a bookie services site in order to attract people that can become your clients in the future, so don’t put all of your efforts on pleasing the search engines alone.

Instead, you should try to create the best possible content for the spiders that is also going to entice visitors to stay longer on the website as that strategy can lead to some future business deals.

Note: Although there is not a top number of words that you can put on a page of your bookie services site, if you write, for example, a 5,000-word opus, it is likely that most visitors are not going to read even half of it.

If you have a lot to say on the same subject, we recommend you to break the discussion into different pages. You can write a top page with the most relevant information and then create supporting pages for the rest of the content.


Optimizing Multimedia

Search engines are still not sophisticated enough to read multimedia files, though they know that the files are there and search engine engineers are working on a solution to start reading elements such as music, video files or flash content.

Because engines can’t read content such as pictures and videos, you need to add the top keyword of your page to such elements along with a phrase that distinguishes what the file is all about. This will certainly make the job of the web crawlers much easier and that factor is likely to help you obtain a better ranking.


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