Bookie Services Site Tips: Backlinking Best Practices

When it comes to obtaining backlinks for your price per head bookie services site, there are some key best practices that you need to

put into play if you really want to improve your rankings.


Bookie Services Site Tips: Anchor Text


When you request an external site to link to you, it is necessary that you create your own anchor text, which is the one that is going to go along with the hyperlink for the specific page of your pay per head bookie services site that you wish to promote.

The anchor text describes to the search engines what your page is all about. It is actually a bright sign for the spiders, which tells them how relevant your page is related to the keyword term that you are aiming for.

If for some reason a link partner wants to change the anchor text of your links, make sure that at least it still contains the main keyword.


Reciprocal Links

A reciprocal link is a concept that is applied when someone posts a link on their website with the condition that you do the same on your bookie services site.

This used to be a common practice within SEO (search engine optimization) practitioners but since things have changed concerning the way in which search engines index sites, it is recommended to avoid it as much as possible.

Of course there are some exceptions to the rule and you can actually link back to someone when your users find valuable a website that is linking to your sportsbook site.


Ads on Relevant Websites

If you decide to start an ad campaign, make sure that the links that you get are coming from relevant websites.

This is because when you get backlinks from sites such as link farms or spam networks, your bookie services site is in danger of getting penalized, or worst, removed completely from the search engines’ indexes.

For this reason we truly recommend you to review all considered websites carefully.


.Edu Websites

If you’re able to get an inbound link from an .edu website (take note that this does not include student accounts), then that is an outstanding way to improve the rankings of a given page located on your bookie services site.

Such links can provide link equity even when the content on the page of your site where the link is located is not fully relevant to the content on the page at the .edu website.

This is because .edu sites have a lot of authority, and that merit alone is a guarantee to improve the way in which the spiders see your bookie service site.


Social Media Sites

You can also make use of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to get people interested in your bookie services site.

If you combine optimization with regular social media maintenance, posting links on those networking communities will certainly improve your site’s traffic, though you also need to be aware that promoting your pages on this kind of websites can help with link popularity in a limited way.



Sure, getting backlinks from directories helps a lot with link popularity of a new website, but you cannot rely on this technique along when it comes to the long-term benefits related to a good link-building strategy.

In fact, professionals believe that your outbound links should actually come from non-directory websites.


Country Domains

If your bookie services site has a URL for a country domain, it is in your best interest to get backlinks from websites that also have ccTLD or top-level domain designation.

It is even better if the ccTLD also belongs to the country related to your own top-level domain because this can help you to rank better for local searches on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

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