Bookie Services Site Tips: Complementary Subject Backlinks

There are inbound links that you really want to stay away from, but there are others that can really benefit your Bookie Services site, bookie-services-site-tips-complementary-subject-backlinkssuch as those with relevance on complementary subjects.

They are known as qualified links because they enhance your image with the search engines as an industry authority and also because they are great for equity.

Such qualified links indicate to the web crawlers that you are someone that knows what you’re talking about.


Bookie Services Site Tips: Complementary Subject Relevance


If you want the giants such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to give you a privileged position in the SERPs (search engine results pages), you need to have links pointing at your Bookie Services site which are coming from websites that even your prospective clients will find interesting and useful.

There are actually different kinds of qualified links that you really want to attract to your Bookmaking Pay per Head Solutions site, and the ones with relevance on complementary subjects are amongst the top ones (the other two being expert relevance reinforcement and quality testimonial links).

These backlinks come from websites which have related content to the one of your Bookie Services site.

There might be the case that a given website’s content is not fully related to yours but its themes and top subjects are considered as complementary. An example can be a website that sells parts for Ford cars and has an inbound link from a site that also sells parts for another brand of American vehicles.


The Value

When you get an inbound link to your Bookie Services website from a site with a lot of expertise on subjects that complement your own themes, then the worth of such links goes up. On the other hand, an unrelated site will pass you little to no equity at all.

If someone from a related website adds a link on one of their pages that is related to the information on your Bookie Services site, then its webmaster is actually telling others that your content is worth reading.


When Anchor Text Doesn’t Help

It really doesn’t matter if a link that is coming from an unrelated website to your Bookie Services site has accurate anchor text.

This is because the web crawlers are indeed going to read the text around the link and will also check on the subject of the page and the overall theme of the website, which can lead them to determine that the text that was added to the outgoing link has nothing to do with the rest of the content.


Unrelated Links = No Equity

The spiders are likely to determine if the content from the website where the link to your Price per Head Service site is located is relevant or not to yours.

Even though this might not affect you that much, such backlink really doesn’t help you either as it is not contributing to your link equity.

In fact, when someone adds a non-related link to a particular website, the overall theme of such site gets diluted and this can actually serve as a red flag for the search engines.
History of Websites

Even though you are getting a brand new backlink from a website that you consider as complementary to yours, if such site has a bad history of spam and similar unwanted SEO (search engine optimization) practices you are likely to get red flagged and even penalized.

This depends on how closely related your Bookie Services site is to the one that is infringing the established rules, so don’t sweat a few ugly backlinks, but do check on the history of sites that are asking you if it’s possible to exchange links, for example.

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