Bookie Services Site Tips: Soliciting Links

After you have decided which websites you wish to get backlinks from in order to improve the PR or PageRank of the pages of your bookie-services-site-tips-soliciting-linksprice per head bookie services site, it’s time to start soliciting them.

But how exactly can you do it? Do you need to be polite and act like a door-to-door salesman? Here is some helpful related info.


Bookie Services Site Tips: The Right Websites


To get the maximum benefit related to your SEO (search engine optimization) work, you must get links that have not been bought and that are coming from sites that have a good reputation with the top search engines (these sites can have both low and high PR).


How the Spiders Think

The spiders reason this way: if your pay per head bookie services site is an expert, others within the same industry will certainly like to link to you, without paying a cent and just for the value of the content that you’re offering.

When a website offers to sell you a backlink, that particular web portal is violating the Google Terms of Service, and that can lead you to get the pages of your bookmaking site completely removed from the indexes of not only Google, but eventually from the rest of the top search engines too.


Asking for Unpaid Outbound Links

A common approach when it comes to getting an outbound link from an industry-like website requires getting in touch with webmasters in order to make the request personally.

Asking for backlinks can take a great effort on the part of your bookie services site, but it will prove to be quite beneficial in the long run, especially if you’re able to pick the proper websites.


Mutual Benefit

If you can communicate prospective websites that the benefit will be mutual if they add a link to your site in theirs due to the relevancy of your content compared to the one offered by them in their pages, then you will truly improve your chances of actually getting some extra backlinks.


Best Candidates

You need to have a clear idea of which websites are the top candidates for your linking campaign.

If you know a few of them off the top of your head, then start with those.

Then you can also make use of a tried-and-proved technique such as soliciting links from webmasters of websites that rank high for keywords similar to the ones you are aiming for, but not the exact same ones or it is likely that they won’t want to link to you because you are a direct competitor.

Also, if you find a site that is linking to a directed competitor, by all means feel free to ask for one for your own bookie services too.

To find out which websites are linking to your competitors, you can:

  1. Identify Competitors: Do a search for your aimed keyword terms on Google or other top search engine.
  2. Go through every single result, one link at the time, and when you find a website that you can consider as a direct competitor, then you can make use of any online backlink checker in order to realize who is linking back to them.



If you personally request a backlink and the webmaster of the external website accepts to link back to you, make sure that the text on the external page matches the content on the page that is being linked to from your bookie services site.

The least that you want is to spend your time asking for backlinks from websites that are not relevant to yours and that doesn’t offer your bookie services site any link equity at all.

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