Bookie Services Tips: Anchor Text and Backlinks

When creating the SEO (search engine optimization) plan for you bookie services site, remember that there are different types of bookie-services-tips-anchor-text-backlinkslinks that you can work with.


Bookie services Site Tips: Types of Links


Two of the main types of links are:

Anchor Text: The text on a link that actually describes what is linking to.

Backlinks: The links to your bookie services site from external sources.


Anchor Text:

The text that belongs to a hyperlink actually tells the web crawlers what the page that is being link to is related to.

For example, when you click on a link that says “mustangs,” you expect to be taken to a page that contains information on that particular model of Ford vehicles.

Because if you have a page about a certain subject and any links to it contain a keyword focused on that subject (including synonyms of such term), you are creating a large neon sign telling the spiders that the particular page is about such subject.

It is favorable to think of anchor text as the capacity to vote for what term the page must rank for.



Backlinks, also known as inbound links are probably the most notable elements of your linking structure.

These types of links are the ones that point to your price per head bookmaking site from external websites. You might be thinking that you can’t control what others say about your site, and that is true, but just in part.

You can opt for having a page on your pay per head service site dedicated especially to tell the people that visit you how you want them to link to your website.

A great option is to offer a code snippet that others can easily post on their web portals which contains your desired anchor text and the direct link to a specific page of your bookie services site.

Backlinks from Relevant Websites: When a relevant website links to the most appropriate subject on your bookie services site, you are getting the highest value related to inbound links.

A hyperlink that comes from a site that has little relevance to yours really doesn’t help that much because it is not increasing your site’s authority or expertise in the eyes of the web crawlers.

However, it is never bad to have a few extra links from unrelated sites. A link from an irrelevant site can only harm your bookie services website when it is part of a link farm (a network of websites dedicated to increase linking popularity).

Inbound Links and PageRank: it is crucial that you have links pointing to your bookie services site from websites with a high PR or PageRank.

However, if you only have links coming from sites with a PR of 5 or higher, that can seem a little suspicious to the web crawlers.

If you want to avoid any type of penalizations by the search engines, you must have a good variety of backlinks with different PR’s. All acquired in a natural way over time instead of instantaneously.

The people behind the algorithms of giant search engines such as Google and Yahoo already know most of the tricks out there that are used by unscrupulous SEO practitioners in order to improve their rankings.

So, always remember that the more natural you do things, the better your site is going to do.

Ethical Sites: You also want to have only links from sites that are considered ethically correct.

When you link to sites that have a bad reputation with the search engines may lead your bookie services site to receive penalties or worst, getting your pages removed completely from the index itself.

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