Bookie Services Site Tips: Formulating a Category Structure

To formulate a category structure is to group the content of your price per head bookie services site’s data in order to set it into bookie-services-tips-category-structurerelated directories.


Picking Categories for your Bookie Services Site


The first thing that you need to do in order to create a category structure for your pay per head bookie services site is to select what your categories and sub-categories are.

Think of which ones can be considered actual categories and which ones can be considered as supportive ones.

Another way to see is to think of which page you want people to see first when they visit your sportsbook bookie services website. Once you have decided which page is your very top one, you can start working out on your linking structure.


Structures Support Your Theme

In order to avoid diluting your theme, you need to have a clear idea of what the subject of your website is. For example, if you have gray, white and black marbles (categories) all put together in a recipient (your site) it is difficult to realize what the exact content of the recipient is.

Is it one with dominant white marbles and a less number of black and grey ones?

When it comes to your bookie services site, the work the Google spiders does on it is quite similar.

They need to figure out what the overall theme of your site is and when you formulate a category structure you are helping them to decipher what the real meaning of a given page is.


Splitting your Marbles

Once the web crawlers have determined that the subject is a recipient (your bookie services website) with marbles (categories) on it, you need to create different silos in order to divide your marbles accordingly.

After doing this, the spiders will improve their opinion on your SEO work and will categorize the recipient or site as one containing separated black, grey and black marbles or categories.

This is certainly great for your PageRank and it will make it easier for people to find you when they do a more specific search.


Be Clear

It is important to remember that you don’t want to be all things to all users, so make sure to work on your categories in the best possible way in order to count with an overall theme that is strongly supported.

When you categorize your bookie services website not only makes you popular with the SERPs but it is also great for actual visitors as they have a better understanding of where exactly to find what they are looking for.


Don’t Go Deep

When creating a directory structure, you need to avoid going too deep. When you work with many levels, the following can happen:

  • The further away a file is located in relation to the actual root directory, the less value it seems to have for the spiders.
  • A long path equals a very long URL and according to the experts and to certain recent studies, people tend to avoid clicking on long links when they see them on the search engine results pages.
  • Along with long URLS come some typos. This can be harmful because it can create links that doesn’t go anywhere within your bookie services Also, users can easily desist of looking for your site because long URLs are tougher to memorize.


The fewer deep directories you have, the better. Ten or even five categories deep are considered bad. Three levels deep is OK but for the best results, it is better if you go only two categories deep.

Book Analogy

An analogy on a book offers a good example when it comes to an structure:

A book has a table of contents, which in the case of your bookie services website is the sitemap. The book is also divided into chapters that support the overall written work. Your site is quite similar as it is divided into categories that support the overall theme.

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