Bookie Services Website Tips: Using Links on Pages

The links that are located in the body section of a given page of your price per head bookie services site contain anchor text, which is bookie-services-website-tips-links-pagesthe one visitors click in order to go to a new page.

When measuring relevancy, the web crawlers take into consideration the links that points to a given web page.


Links on your Bookie Services Site: Their Value


Although the keyword term contained in the anchor text of links is not valued when it comes to frequency (the times a phrase appears on a page), it does have relevance related to the target page in Google.

Links certainly have a lot of value when it comes to your pay per head bookmaking services website appearing at a privileged position in the top search engine results page.

The number of links a certain web page or full site contains has a heavy weight when it comes to the search engine’s algorithms, mostly because it helps the spiders to realize the true meaning of the content and the degree of expertise it carries.


Understanding Anchor Text

Anchor text basically describes to Google what the webpage you are linking to is all about. It is just like being one of the smartest guys or gals in college because the rest of the people are mentioning that you really do have the right answers.

For example, if you wrote “The Globe’s Best Page” in the anchor text of a link, the spiders are going to read it as it is written and will consider those words when it comes to setting the relevance of the page.

If all the links to that specific page within your bookie services site have the same anchor text, the web crawlers are going to see such text as neon lights in the dark.

Using such strategy is likely to have a positive impact when it comes to the results people get when they make a search for that phrase.


Absolute and Relative Links

There are two types of links that you can use in the body section of your bookie services website:

Absolute Links: This one comes with the full file path (whole file directory).

Relative Links: This is a link that is situated in the physical directory related to the actual page or the root of all directories. These ones can start only with the name of the page and drop the http:// and the actual domain.

You can utilize 2 periods before the name of the file in order to indicate that the actual page is situated a single directory up (near the root) from the directory the webpage is located in.

Relative links can be considered as shortcuts and SEO experts recommend that you focus the work you are doing on your bookie services website on absolute links before using these.

Bottom line: absolute links always get you to the right destination whilst relatives do so only if you are starting from the very same directory. In other words, absolutes are hassle-free.


Preventing Broken Links

The reason why absolute links are better than relative ones is because if directories were to get changed around or removed for some reason, relative links are not going to work any longer.

There is no doubt that absolute links are much easier to maintain than relative links as they make it easier to recognize what is the page that you are linking to and for what reason.

Sure, fixing a couple of broken links is not a big problem, but if the majority of the links on your bookie services site are relative, it will take you some considerable time to repair them and to reorganize everything again.

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