Bookie Tips: Get Closer to Smart People; The Right Staff, not the Office

In order to take your bookie entrepreneur business to the next level, you should get closer to smart people that can enhance your mind with new, brilliant ideas. Plus, you also need tobookie-smart-people-right-staff-office put your efforts on hiring the right staff, instead of focusing on renting an expensive office.


Bookie Tips: Surround Yourself with Smart People


As a natural habit, any given individual believes that he is smarter than the rest, even though deep inside he knows this to be false.

When given the option of spending time with smarter people or with more average individuals, a person tends to choose the latter.

This has to do a lot with the ego and a desire to fit, but in reality, to think like this is not good when it comes to running a successful bookmaking operation.

This is because when you are afraid to hang out with people that are smarter than you, you are preventing yourself from learning and growing as a bookie entrepreneur.

When you manage to overcome this feeling of insecurity, you are able to improve your mental capacity by acquiring new abilities and knowledge.

Surrounding yourself with people that is more intelligent than you is really worth the effort.

This quote by Jim Rohn is particularly interesting: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

As a bookie entrepreneur, you should truly embrace this quote in order to really think about who those five individuals are.

Another quote that is particularly interesting is: “Tell me who you associate with, and I’ll let you know who you are.”

This quote tells us that we actually pick up the thoughts and habits of the people that surround us, so, it is indeed better to be around individuals that are smarter than you because as time passes by, you will acquire their habits, and doubtless, this is the type of mentality that can lead you to take your sports betting company to the next level.


A Good Team is Better than Good Office Space

One of the major mistakes a bookie entrepreneur can make is to focus his efforts on renting high-end office space, believing that it can foster growth by offering a more professional business perception.

The effect, in fact, is the contrary as renting an expensive office just adds to the sports betting agent’s overhead costs.

Instead of focusing on renting a nice, overpriced office, fix your attention on hiring the best personnel that you can get for your bookie business.

There is a saying in the business world that tell us that the culture you start with will probably be the culture that you end up with.

With that said, if you have the right staff, you really don’t need a big, luxurious, over-the-top office as your carefully selected personnel is going to be productive at any type of environment.

On the other hand, if you count with a plush office, but your staff is not that good, production is not going to meet the standards of quality that you are probably aiming for your bookie business.

In fact, since a top price per head shop offers great infrastructure for call center solutions, outsourcing most of your operation to a pph shop is definitely a better choice than to rent an expensive office.

All that you really need to make it big as a bookie entrepreneur is to count with a small team of capable individuals that can work with you doing a number of things, and a small, well-equipped office.

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