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Are you a bookie is who is trying to get a slice of the social media action that can get you closer to sign up new clients?bookie-social-media-price-per-head

If that is the case, here is some information that can help you to advance in the right direction when it comes to properly run your social media channels.


The Bookie and Social Management


Social Media and SEO

Right now, the line between social media and SEO is quite thin. For this reason, it is fair to say that one depends on the other in order to provide positive results for a price per head bookmaking agent.

A social media manager not only needs to know about how to promote his brand on desirable channels, but it also needs to know how to apply SEO properly so the brand of the sports betting bookie can obtain prominence both in social media channels, and also in the SERPs or search engine results pages.


Traditional Marketing

A good social media manager should also possess knowledge on traditional marketing and public relations.

The more a CM or community manager knows about the traditional rules of the marketing game, the easier it will be for him or her to get the attention of prospective clients for the business of the bookie.


Exploring Communities

Back in the day, the work of a CM was to promote content from the website of the pay per head bookie, and then sit on the brand’s wall in order to check on the different responses related to the promoted material.

And of course, greet people who stop by and mind the brand’s profile.

Nowadays, a big part of a community manager’s job is also to visit related communities where visitors of those communities happen to have an interest on the offerings from the price per head bookie.

This practice allows the community manager to be more assertive when it comes to engage prospective clients and to also broaden the spectrum of possibilities related to becoming more visible on the different social media channels.


Research Tools

In order to target the right type of users that can later turn into the clients of a sports betting bookie, personal knowledge on how a social media channel works is just not enough.

A good content manager should also make use of a variety of tools that grants him access to critical data

Some of the best tools out there related to social media channels are:

Facebook Ads creation tool

YouTube placement and keyword research tools

LinkedIn Ads tools.


Quality over Quantity

When running a social media campaign, a price per head bookie should always keep in mind that it is always better to focus on quality, than in quantity.

Although it might take time for a social media manager to develop good relationships with online users, this is a process that can’t be avoided.

This is because these organic relationships are the ones that, at the end, will provide the bookie with new clients.

The community manager, or the sports betting bookie himself, must first identify the social media clusters where prospective customers hang out.

Then, he must take the time to participate in those communities until he’s able to develop relationships.

What comes next is to pick a selected number of people who shares interests and turn them into organic friends in order to subsequently turn such individuals into clients in the future.


As you can see, social media has evolved in a way where a community manager must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas, must also use the right kind of tools, and target specific, valuable communities within the different social media channels in order to obtain the best results.

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