Bookie Software Easy Solution And Pay per Head Player Services

A Bookie Software Easy solution can help you become a top bookmaker in your area in no time at all.

Bookie Software Easy Solution And Pay per Head Player Services
Bookie Software Easy Solution And Pay per Head Player Services

This service is delivered to you by a PPH Shop, a company that also provides the offshore services your players require to get their action.

Here’s a sum up of everything you and your clients will get:

  • Bookie Software Easy Solution for Agents
  • Sports Betting Website for Players
  • Call Center Services for Players


Bookie Software Easy Solution for Agents

A Bookie Software Easy solution is what an agent like yourself requires to manage your bookmaking operation smoothly.

This is because this tool offers you all the data you may possibly need related to the action of your customers.

And what’s great about it is that this is LIVE DATA!

This means that when you check your sportsbook software, you’ll see only fresh data; including the latest wagers and casino plays.

And just as you offer your clients a fair service, this data helps you to make sure that your clients are also being fair to your wagering operation.

In other words: this tool helps you prevent unwanted wiseguy action; and this factor alone can save you a tremendous amount of cash.

Now, these are the main features related to this outstanding pay per head service:

  • Manage wagering lines
  • Edit accounts


Manage wagering lines

When you get a Bookie Software Easy solution, you get the ability of editing the wagering lines provided by the PPH Shop.

With that said, the lines offered by the pay per head company are awesome, and don’t require any further editing.

The reason is because the PPH Shop counts with its own team of professional line movers; whom are always ready to provide the best lines for your operation.

But you can always choose to edit any given line, specially when it comes to helping a VIP client.

Or you can even create your own lines from scratch!

It really all depends on your particular needs as a top bookmaker.


Edit accounts

This Bookie Software Easy solution also allows you to edit the accounts of players in a very easy way.

You can be anywhere, login to the sports betting software, and edit the accounts of your customers.

It’s as simple as that.

And you can edit everything, except for the previous wagering history of your clients. Things you can edit includes:

  • Account names, aliases, and passwords: You can edit everything concerning the personal info of your clients. If one of them requires a password change, for example, you can do it in seconds.
  • Account balances: You can also edit the balance of any account, according to a previous credit deal with a particular player.
  • Set wagering limits: You can also place limits on what you want your players to bet on. For example, you can allow a certain player to bet on just a few wagering types, or you can also set money limits on bets.


Sports Betting Website for Players

Apart from a great Bookie Software Easy solution, your clients also get their own services.

The main of these solutions is a website where they can get their action all by themselves.

All your players need to place bets or play casino games is a simple user name and password; which you can create for them in an instant.

Once they get that alias and password, they can login to the pay per head website, and get all the action they want, in a private and secure way.

Now, there are two versions of this site:

  • Standard site
  • Personalized site


Standard site

The standard site is an outstanding solution for agents whom are running small operations.

This is a site that’s shared by the players of many agents, and it’s a great and safe alternative.

However, if you want to go a step beyond, you definitely need to get yourself a…


Personalized site

This is a website that is going to be available only to your own clients.

Nobody else will know that this site exists, except for your own customers.

This will help you enhance your brand as an agent as players will love the idea of being part of an exclusive club of local players.


Online casino

Now, apart from the best Bookie Software Easy solution and the wagering site, you can also allow your players to play online casino games.

This will double your profits in no time; and all you need to do to get access to this outstanding service is to pay an extra weekly fee.

Once you do, your players will get access to the most popular games, such as blackjack, roulette, slots and poker.

And your clients can opt for using flash games, or they can play with a LIVE CASINO DEALER.


Call Center Services for Players

Last but not least, your clients will also get access to a modern offshore call center, where they can place their bets with the help of skilled clerks.

With that said, if you really want the best call center experience for your players, you should sign up with a Costa Rica pay per head company.

And the reason is because this is the country where the top PPH companies in the world are located.

So, by working with one of these Costa Rica PPH Shops, you’ll definitely get the best value for your cash; and your players will enjoy the best possible experience.

Now, here’s what this call center service includes:

  • Sports and horses: Players can wager with clerks that are experts at both sports and horse bets; so satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • Unlimited access: When you sign up, you’ll get YOUR OWN 1-800 NUMBER! And this means that your clients will be able to call for free, all the time.
  • Multilingual: What’s also great about these call center services is that clerks are multilingual. This means that you can offer your services to players that speak not only English, but also Chinese and Spanish.


As you can see, if you want to get the best Bookie Software Easy solution and premium services for players, contact a top Costa Rica pay per head shop, and sign up now!

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