Bookie Software for Mobile: 3 Reasons to Prefer It Over Downloads

The best Bookie Software for Mobile allows you to have immediate access to all the management tools you need, in one place!

Bookie Software for Mobile: 3 Reasons to Prefer It Over Downloads
Bookie Software for Mobile: 3 Reasons to Prefer It Over Downloads

This is a product that’s offered by reputable price per head companies located overseas; to help you manage your sports betting and gaming operation seamlessly.


Bookie Software for Mobile: Why?

As an agent, you really want the best Pay per Head offshore services; and this includes top Bookie Software for Mobile.

You want a web-based solution because this allows you to access the data management tool at any time; from anywhere.

This is way different than using a download version.

And the reason for that is because when you work with downloads, you are limited to accessing the sportsbook software only from the smart device where the application was installed.

This is really unpractical. And that is because if you forget your smart device (cell phone, laptop, tablet), you’ll be forced to download the software again on a difference device.

This is really a waste of your valuable time, and truly not necessary at all!

Instead, you want to work with a price per head solution that allows you to access the tool trouble-free.

Another reason to avoid downloads and to favor Bookie Software for Mobile is because an extra program on your device can make things slower.

This is because when you run many programs, smart devices are forced to work at their maximum capacity; and this truly slow things down.

So, what you want is online casino and sports betting software that is fast, reliable, and always available!


Bookie Software for Mobile: Top 3 Reasons to Prefer It

Being an agent, there are many reasons why you should favor Bookie Software for Mobile instead of downloads. Here are the top ones:

  • Most complete wagering menu
  • Gives you full control
  • Is completely secure and fair


Most complete wagering menu

Using Bookie Software for Mobile means that your players will enjoy the best wagering menu.

Such menu includes outstanding lines that are very attractive for your clients; and that still gives you the bookmaker edge you need.

This menu includes wagering options for sporting and horse racing events.

And, you can also create your own bookmaking lines!

This is great because even though you don’t have to move any lines at all; you may want to create your own props, or even move a line for a VIP client from time to time.


Gives you full control

This is a Bookie Software for Mobile solution that also allows you to have full control over your operation.

As an agent, this is something you really want because it means that you’re the one who can take all the decisions.

And best of all you can make those decisions when the right time comes.

For example, if you notice unwanted action by a player; you can immediately shut down the account without having to contact the PPH Shop directly.

You can also manage the credit limits and balances of all of your players.

And, you can allow your sub-agents to access your software so they can input their own data related to your operation.

This saves you time, and makes your business more pro-active, dynamic, and efficient.


Is completely secure and fair

You also want to work with the kind of Bookie Software for Mobile that’s fully secure.

This means that you should avoid working with a PPH Shop that asks for the personal data of your players.

In fact, all a reputable Pay per Head company requires to process the action of your players is a user name and a password.

This means that the personal data of your customers always remains in your hands.

So, the only one who knows which alias belongs to which client is yourself.

This allows your players to place bets safely; and knowing that their data is never going to be shared with anybody.

Actually, this gives you an edge over regular online sportsbooks!

And the reason is because the latter always requests personal info from players, such as their real name and their credit card information!

You, as an independent top bookmaker who’s working with a reputable PPH Shop; can guarantee your players that their info is never going to be online.

And this really makes your operation more attractive to new players!

Now, working with a good PPH Shop means that you’re able to offer 100% fair bets and casino games to your customers.

And, since everything gets recorded, you can also handle wagering disputes in the best of ways.


Bookie Software for Mobile: Complementary player services

Now, here are the services destined for players that complements your Bookie Software for Mobile perfectly:

  • Betting website
  • Call center wagering


Betting website

This is the top complement for the best Bookie Software for Mobile.

And this is also a Pay per Head service that doesn’t require downloads as it’s fully online.

When you sign up with a top PPH Shop, you get access to the standard version of this solution.

Such standard version includes a website where the players of many agents get their action.

This is a great service, the most affordable, and also the most popular!

Now, if you want to, you can get your own website from the PPH Shop.

This is a site that includes its own domain name and design.

And what’s really great about it is that only your own players will be placing bets and playing casino games on that site.

This is great for your image as a top bookmaker, and it allows you to market your services in an easier way.


Call center wagering

Another service that also complements the best Bookie Software for Mobile greatly is call center wagering.

This means that placing bets over the phone is possible for your players; using the call center from the price per head company.

This is a call center located overseas, and that counts with multilingual, professional betting clerks.

So, if you really want the top Bookie Software for Mobile, make sure to consider the information above in order to get the best possible product.

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