Bookie Software Free: Available as a Trial Period from a PPH Shop

Getting Bookie Software Free is possible by obtaining a trial period from a pay per head shop.

Bookie Software Free: Available as a Trial Period from a PPH Shop
Bookie Software Free: Available as a Trial Period from a PPH Shop


Bookie Software Free: Choosing the Right PPH Shop

In order to get Bookie Software Free that is of great quality; you need to find the right PPH offshore services provider.

You want to work with an overseas pay per head company because it’s affordable; and it provides you with all the high-quality services you may possibly need to become successful.

So, when you get Bookie Software Free as a trial, you have the opportunity of testing the following services:

  • Sportsbook Software for the Bookie
  • Call Center and Web Betting for Players


Sportsbook Software for the Bookie

Signing up with an offshore pay per head shop allows you to get sportsbook software.

This data management tool is exactly what an agent needs to handle the information related to his wagering operation.



These reports reflect the action of players, and they can be customized according to the current needs of the top bookmaker.

For example, an agent may want to check only the action of a single player, for the past two weeks.

This type of customization is fully possible with the right kind of bookmaking software.

And, what’s best, the agent can customize each report individually, giving him even more freedom.

All in all, make sure that you get access to no less than 15 agent reports. With that said, here are the top reports you should look for when searching for a Bookie Software Free trial period:

  • Daysheet
  • Management
  • Line and Exposure
  • Real-Time Wagering
  • Open Wagers
  • History
  • Standings
  • Cash Flow



This is the report that you can use to manage the weekly house figures.


This particular report shows the people that you, the top bookmaker, manages. This includes current customers, and also sub-agents.

Line and Exposure:

Here is where the live lines are shown. And next to them, the bookie can also see the cash exposure of his sports betting operation on each event.

Real-Time Wagering:

This is where the agent can see all the sports betting action of his players as it’s taking place.

Open Wagers:

This is the report that shows all bets that are currently open, for all active customers.


This is where you can check the history for the action of all players.


Here you can check your clients and their standings. This includes figures related to how much a player has bet during a given period; and also shows things such as the credit limit of the client.

Cash Flow:

This is where you can check on all the information related to actual money transactions from customers. And, it also includes data submitted by your sub-agents.


Call Center and Web Betting for Players

The Bookie Software Free trial period also includes access to call center and web betting  for players.

This means that during the trial, players can use the full features of the pay per head shop.

And this won’t cost the agent a single cent during those particular days.

In order to make sure that you’re getting the best solutions for your players; consider the following about such services:


How Good is their Call Center?

If you want to make sure that your clients are getting the best possible calling service; get in touch yourself with the call center and place a couple of bets as a player.

This will allow you to have a clear look at exactly what is it that your clients experience.

And, depending on that experience; you can decide if you want to remain with such PPH Shop after the   Bookie Software Free trial is over.


Web Betting

Now, when it comes to web betting, this is probably the element that is going to bring the most profits to the operation.

The reason is because players really enjoy the mobile experience; which allows them to get their action in full privacy, and from any place they want.

With that in mind, it is very important to make sure that the player interface is fast and reliable.

So, do like you did with the call center, and experience the wagering and gambling website as a player.

Make sure that everything is clear for the customer; and also check if the wagers and casino plays can be processed fast.


Access to Sports Betting and Gaming

Getting access to a Bookie Software Free trial period means that you will not only get access to the sports betting features; but also to the gaming ones.

This means that apart from running a sportbook operation; you can also consider the possibility of running your own casino.

And you can manage the data from both operations using the same bookie software.

This is great because it is cost-effective, and it allows you to double your profits without any extra efforts.

And the reason for this is because your sports bettors can become your first casino players.


Bookie Software Free Trial: What’s The Deal

A Bookie Software Free trial period usually works as part of a full deal.

In other words, when a bookmaking agent signs up with a pay per head shop; he and his players can enjoy the services of the PPH Shop free of charge for a given period. This can usually be one full week.

If you’re dealing with a reputable pay per head company; chances are that they will allow you to leave after the Bookie Software Free trial period is over. That is, if you’re not satisfied with the services you received.

A good PPH Shop is able to make this kind of guarantees because they trust their solutions.

So, if you’re offered this kind of deal, where you can leave without paying; it means that you’re dealing with a pay per head shop that carries a good reputation.

Now, it’s important to mention that you can take these no-charge days to cut a deal with the pay per head shop.

It’s likely that if you like what they have to offer and they like you as a client; a good deal can be cut out after the Bookie Software Free Trial.

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