Bookie Software Entrepreneur Lessons from Jack Ma

As the founder of Alibaba, and with a net worth of over $20 billion, bold businessman Jack Ma can certainly provide a few useful tips for new bookie software entrepreneurs.

Bookie Software Entrepreneur Lessons from Jack Ma
Bookie Software Entrepreneur Lessons from Jack Ma

Mr. Ma is doubtlessly is one of the most recognizable symbols of the capitalist side of China.

He started his online career back in the early nineties, and by the year 2000, he and his partners managed to raise $25 million to start Alibaba.


Bookie Software: Business Tips by Jack Ma


Here are the 9 keys to attain success as a sports betting and gaming entrepreneur, according to Mr. Ma:


Value Attitude: According to Mr. Ma theoretical skills are important, but they are not as important as passion and the right attitude.


Unite Individuals under a Common Goal: Everybody that works for Mr. Ma knows that he or she is part of a team that follows a specific, common goal. So, just like the owner of Alibaba, you, as a bookie software entrepreneur, must focus on putting together a team that can work as a unit for the benefit of your sportsbook and casino operation.


Foresight: A good leader must have the ability to predict what will happen, or what is going to be needed in the future.


Know How to Hire: If you want your sports betting and gaming company to become successful, you need to hire only the best talent you can find. Make sure to only hire individuals with superior skills.


Tenacity: A new sportsbook software entrepreneur who wants to be an industry leader must be tenacious, and also possess a clear vision of what he wants for his wagering operation.


Defy Failure: According to Jack Ma, giving up is the biggest failure. So, if you find yourself struggling to achieve success, remember that we learn the most from the hardships and obstacles we face.


Love for Life: The owner of Alibaba also points out that it is really not important if you are very successful in business if you are not happy with your personal life. Try to find a balance between your work as a bookie software entrepreneur, and your activities as a regular individual.


Expect the Unexpected: Mr. Ma points out to the fact that life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. And for this reason, you must always be prepared to face the challenges that come your way.


Money is a Responsibility: Jack Ma mentions that when he made his first million, he considered himself a lucky person. But, when he started making many millions, he found himself in a sea of trouble. This means that, the more cash make as a bookie software entrepreneur, the larger the responsibility on your shoulders.

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