Bookie Software Price: Getting Affordable Pay per Head Tools

The Bookie Software Price you get is based on the quality of services you obtain.

Bookie Software Price: Getting Affordable Pay per Head Tools
Bookie Software Price: Getting Affordable Pay per Head Tools


Bookie Software Price: Based on actual usage

Now, this Bookie Software Price is based on actual usage.

This means that you only pay the PPH Shop when your players are active.

For example, if you have 50 bettors, and only 25 placed bets during a given week; then you only pay for those 25.

So, you basically pay the PPH Shop only when your players are generating profits for your sports betting operation!


Affordable Bookie Software Price from Overseas PPH Shop

In order to get the best possible Bookie Software Price for the most reliable solutions; you need to sign up with an overseas PPH Shop.

In other words: only a PPH offshore services provider can guarantee that you’ll get what you need for the best possible weekly fees.

And the reason for this is because a PPH Shop is a company that operates with lower overhead costs.

And the money the PPH company saves is then re-invested in the best bookmaking solutions for you and your players.


The Bookie Software Price and What You Get

Now, these are the services that you’ll get for the Bookie Software Price you’ll be paying the PPH Shop:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Online wagering and gambling
  • Call center betting


Sportsbook software

The Bookie Software Price you pay gives you access to the best sportsbook software.

This is the tool you’ll be using to manage everything related to your operation.

And there are many things that are great about this tool:

  • It’s fully mobile
  • It requires no training
  • Comes with many customizable reports


It’s fully mobile

This is the kind of tool that’s always available to you, no matter where you are.

And the reason is because this sportsbook software is fully mobile.

This means that the tool is web-based. So as long as you have access to the internet, you can check everything without a problem.

This is definitely more convenient than working with downloads!

In fact, if you’re dealing with a reputable PPH Shop, you won’t have to deal with downloads at all.

And that’s because downloads are old school, and not very convenient nowadays.

Indeed, what you want is to work with a PPH Shop that offers you 100% online solutions for you and your customers.


It requires no training

Another advantage is that you can start using the tool immediately.

This means that after agreeing on a fixed weekly Bookie Software Price; you can just sign in and start working with the bookmaking tool right away.

This is because everything is very user-friendly!

You can edit player accounts, or work with different reports, and you should never have a problem figuring things out.


Comes with many customizable reports

Another outstanding feature that’s included in the weekly Bookie Software Price you pay are custom reports.

These reports shows you all the data related to the wagering and gambling action of your players.

This means that as soon as one of your customers gets some action; either at the sportsbook or the online casino, you will see that information immediately reflected on your screen.

And, what’s great about these report is that you can customize them at will.

This is definitely great because it means that you can save a lot time by checking only the information that’s important and/or relevant to you at any given moment.


Online wagering and gambling

The Bookie Software Price you pay also includes the best services for your players.

One of these services is online wagering and gambling.

This means that your customers are able to place bets on horses and sports.

And by paying a weekly extra fee to the PPH company, you can also offer your clients a gaming service.

This is a fully working casino that includes the most popular games, such as Pay per Head Poker.

And getting this solution means that you can now offer your bookie services not only to sports bettors; but also to gamblers!

This is great because it means that you can sign up bettors that can later turn into gamblers; or casino players that can later turn into sports bettors!

And of course, the more clients, the better for your business. Especially because by getting a lot of profits; you won’t even notice the extra weekly fee you have to pay for casino services.

Now, there are two versions of the player website:

  • Standard site
  • Customized site


Standard site

This is the website your players automatically get access to when you sign up with the PPH Shop.

And this is a sports betting-only site!

This means that your players will only be able to place wagers on different sports betting and horse racing activities.

So, as mentioned before, if you want your players to enjoy your services even more, you can offer them casino games.

And that will turn business into a fully working sports betting and gaming operation.


Customized site

A casino, however, is not the only extra feature you can get!

Actually, you can get another outstanding feature by paying an extra Bookie Software Price fee just once!

Yes, just by paying a one-time extra fee, you can get access to your own CUSTOMIZED WEBSITE.

This is a site that works exactly the same as the standard version.

In fact, if you choose one version or the other, your players won’t notice it.

With that said, there’s one-big-difference:

Your players share the standard Pay per Head site with the players of many other agents.

And, if you get the custom version, your players will be the only ones using it!

Plus, you get to pick your favorite design, and the name of the website (the www…)

This is great because it allows you to enhance your brand as an agent in a big way; which is exactly what you want as a top bookmaker.


Call center betting

Last but not least, the Bookie Software Price you pay also includes access to a modern call center.

This means that your players can make their bets over the phone, without any calling limits.

In other words: this is a Pay per Head service that’s available to them 24 hours, 7 days a week.

And, what’s best is that this is a solution that’s provided by skilled, multilingual clerks.


Indeed, if you manage to find the right PPH Shop, you’ll be paying a great Bookie Software Price for the best PPH solutions.

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