Bookie Software Services for the Agent and his Players

The best Bookie Software Services are available from a top Pay per Head offshore company.

Bookie Software Services for the Agent and his Players
Bookie Software Services for the Agent and his Players


Bookie Software Services: Data Management

If you want to get Bookie Software Services, you’re probably looking for a data management solution.

And, only an overseas price per head company can get you the kind of high-quality tools you need, for an affordable weekly fee.

A reputable Pay per Head shop offers sportsbook software that comes with the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Many customizable reports
  • Secure


Easy to use

The best Bookie Software Services includes a data management tool that’s user-friendly.

This means that you should be able to start using the tool after just a brief explanation.

On the other hand, if you find sports betting software that comes with a long learning curve; this is definitely an option you want to avoid.

The reason is because if you’re getting a bookmaking tool is because your want to make things easier; and not the other way around.

So, get yourself the kind of PPH offshore services that are simple, yet very effective.


Many customizable reports

You also want to get your hands on bookmaker software that includes as many custom reports as possible.

You want many because you want to check your sports betting and gaming operation from as many different angles as possible.

And, customizable reports are necessary. This is because you want to check only the information that’s considered relevant.



Another top feature related to the best Bookie Software Services is security.

The best data management tool is the one that provides full security for the agent and his players.

This means that the data of players always remains safe, and away from the eyes of competitors.

You want to look for a price per head shop that counts with its own encrypted servers.

This guarantees that the info related to the action of your players is always in the right hands.

Now, when it comes to running a wagering and gambling operation, you also want to protect yourself as an agent!

This is why a reputable Pay per Head company records all the action of every single player.

That way you can guarantee the fairness of your bookmaker solutions.

And most importantly, it allows you to solve any problems related to wagering disputes in the best possible way.


Bookie Software Services: Player Tools

The top Bookie Software Services are not only intended for you, the agent, but also for your clients.

This means that players get all the tools they need so they can get their action effortlessly.

A reputable price per head shop offers these two player solutions:

  • Online wagering and gambling site
  • Call center betting


Online wagering and gambling site

The best Bookie Software Services includes a fully working site where players can bet or play online casino games, such as PPH Poker.

This is a site that offers two alternatives:

  • Standard website
  • Personalized website


Standard website

Top bookmaking agents defininitely prefer a standard website.

The reason is because this is the most affordable online solution offered by a large Pay per Head business.

It grants your players access to a site that’s shared with the players of other bookmakers.

This is a great option, and one that can please both you as an agent, and also your customers.


Personalized website

There’s another great choice: you can get a website that is going to be customized according to your particular tastes.

And most importantly, your players, and nobobody else are the ones that will be using this site.

Custom options for a Pay per Head site includes the following options:

  • Domain name: You pick the URL of your own site, such as www. bookiesite .com
  • Website design: You get to pick the skin of your site, meaning that he has full control over how his website looks like.

This is really a great option for agents whom want to go a step beyond.

And, it’s also a guaranteed effective marketing tool that can allow you to sign up prospective clients more easily.


Call center betting

Call center access for players is also offered as part of the Bookie Software Services provided by a top PPH Shop.

This means that your players can always call in to get their action; and the calls won’t cost them a single penny.

The reason is because as an agent, you get your own toll free number.

This is a 1-800 number that is going to be available only to your own players.

And, when you combine this great feature, the toll free, with a personalized website, you really have all the tools to create your own sports betting agent brand!

Now, you want to sign up with a price per head company located offshore.

This is because this is the kind of business that can get you all the tools you need for an affordable weekly deal.

And, a reputable overseas PPH Shop also counts with modern offices, packed with experienced personnel, including the best wagering clerks.


Bookie Software Services: Getting a Trial Period

The best Bookie Software Services also includes a trial period.

This allows you to test out all the solutions provided by the Pay per Head company, charge-free.

Needless to say, this is something you really want, because it allows you to experience all the tools without paying a single cent.

Now, you want to work with a price per head shop that is not going to force you to commit to sign up at the end of the trial period.

On the contrary, what you want is to work with a PPH Shop that gives you the freedom of choosing if you want to remain as a client or not.

Make sure to try out all the solutions. This includes your own data management tool; and also the services intended for your players.

This allows you to check if the PPH Shop is going to be able to please both your needs and that of your customers.


Indeed, if you do your research, you’ll definitely be able to find a reputable Pay per Head shop that offers the best Bookie Software Services.

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