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Sports Betting is an industry that offers a great deal of possibilities for entrepreneurs, and using bookie software from a well known bookie-software-top-3-reasons-use-price-per-headprice per head company is at the center of it all.

I have known many gambling bookies during the time I have been part of the sports betting world, and I have witnessed first-hand how their professional and even personal lives have been transformed thanks to sportsbook software.

Now, if you are not familiar with bookie software, it is important to point out that this tool is not intended for agents to process wagers themselves.

Instead, bookie software offers a series of reports related to bets that have been processed through an offshore call center, or over the internet by the players themselves.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Bookie Software

Here are the three top reasons why I believe all sports betting bookmakers should give bookie software a try:


It doesn’t matter if you are an agent who has few or many clients, if you have to keep an eye on your phone all day, every day in order to process new bets, you are truly not free.

The agents I have spoken with about bookmaking software have told me that having this product at hand is like having a personal assistant that is able to provide accurate, ongoing services.

So, if you use bookie software from a well known pay per head company, it means that you will have more time at your disposal, and let’s be honest: time is certainly the most valuable commodity in the world.

Client Satisfaction

Using sports betting software is the ideal choice for a bookie who is trying to offer above-average solutions to his clients.

This is because once a wager has been processed, such data will immediately become available for the agent, which means that players can always verify this info with either the bookie, or with the offshore call center from the price per head bookie company.

Being this the case, agents can always provide the type of information their clients need, and avoid any possible betting disputes at the same time.

Fast Services

Bookie software is also great because it allows agents to provide fast services.

This means that if a bookie needs to move a line, or shut down the account of a client, for example, he can do it right away.

This prevents the agent from taking costly bets from wiseguys, and this is quite advantageous, because if a bookie takes a bet from one of these players and doesn’t honor it if the bet is won, then that action can put the good reputation of the agent in jeopardy.

When it comes to lines, although the professional line movers from the price per head call center are the ones in charge of running such operation, the agent always have the option of moving lines himself, according to his specific criteria, for a particular sporting event.

Now that you have ours, can you think of other reasons why using bookie software is useful for your sports betting operation?

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