Bookie Solutions Site Tips: Understanding W3C Validation

If you really want to know if the code of your pay per head bookie solutions site is fully clean, the best way to confirm it is with a W3Cbookie-solutions-tips-understanding-w3c-validation validation.

This means that if your website is approved, it will be compliant with the guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium.


Your Bookie Solutions Site and the W3C


The W3C is an international organization comprised of their own staff, who works along with the public to create online standards.

Their mission is to lead the internet to its full potential with the help of guidelines and up-to-date protocols. To put it in a simpler context, their job is just like creating health standards for a restaurant.

Your sportsbook bookie solutions website must comply with the guidelines provided by the W3C in order to be as good as it gets.


W3C Recommendations

Back in 1994, the W3C began publishing more than one hundred standards, also known as recommendations. A page that complies with W3C’s rules is one that is fully crawlable and that have hyperlinks that are also spiderable.

Although Google does not require you to make your bookie solutions site compliable with the guidelines stipulated by the World Wide Web Consortium, it is certainly not a bad idea to get the W3C seal of approval on your pages.


W3C A to Z

When you visit the W3C site, you will notice a sidebar named A to Z. It contains various links that can serve as a reference to help you realize what the actual standards of the W3C are.

If you have ugly code on your bookie solutions website, we certainly recommend you to bookmark this page in order to read the content of every link carefully.

By doing so, you will be a step closer to get your site as crawlable as possible, and that is certainly a plus when it comes to obtaining a higher PageRank for your pages.


A W3C Compliant Site = Satisfaction for the Spiders

Here is something about Google: the more difficult it is for the spiders to read your bookie solutions site, the less often they are going to visit you.

We know that good content is synonym with extra authority, but when you have additional unwanted code, the spiders will have to work harder in order to read your pages.

If that becomes a frequent difficulty for them, they are likely to stop crawling your bookie solutions site.


This is another reason why you should follow the directions established by the World Wide Web Consortium as doing what they say will make your website faster and your pages will become more efficient in the eyes of Google’s spiders.

In other words, by following W3C’s standards, you are working the way the top search engines expect you to work.


Declaring a Document Type

If you want your bookie solutions site to comply with the guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium, every page must declare a doc type in order to validate itself. In order to declare a document type, you must include a line at the very top of the HTML code on every page in order to present it as an HTML doc.

Since HTML has changed with time and there are now different versions available, it is also important that you declare what is the type of hyper text markup language that your bookie solutions site is following.

When you declare a document type, you are telling Google what the spiders are going to be reading.

If you don’t follow this step, you are confusing the web crawlers, which means that it will take longer for them to scan your pages, and that can decrease your popularity with the top search engines.

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