Bookie Solutions Website Tips: Selecting Landing Pages

Even though you get to pick the subject categories for your pay per head bookie solutions site, it is clear that your SEO strategy bookie-solutions-website-tips-selecting-landing-pagesshould be focused on your landing pages.

To have a clear idea of which your main pages are is synonym with knowing which pages you want people to see first when they visit you.


Bookie Solutions Tips: It’s about Pages, not the Full Site


Remember: When you do search engine optimization work, it is not about improving the PageRank of the full price per head bookie solutions website, but to improve the PR of a given top page that can serve as the door for prospective clients to find you.

When you feel ready to start picking the right subject categories, begin by choosing the most relevant pages for such categories. The actual pages you want browsers to see on the SERPs. Those are your top landing pages.


The Right Kind of Content

Note: when a person realizes that the page he or she is visiting doesn’t offer the kind of expected content, such page is going to be abandoned by the browser to never return again.

This is bad business for you because it is in your best interest to get people to return. It is a proven fact that when someone returns to a site that offers certain products or services, they are likely to turn into customers.

This is why you need to make sure that the content of every landing page is centered on a specific subject.

This means that you must avoid talking about many things on the same page because that kind of written content tells the prospective client that you are not too sure of what the real purpose of the page is.

On the other hand, when someone finds focused content, their interest increases and they are likely to explore other pages on your sportsbook bookie solutions site.


Characteristics of a Landing Page

Does the page that you chose as a landing one fits the criteria to be categorized as such? It must have the following characteristics:

  • It is the first page a browser sees when he or she clicks on a link on the SERPs that goes to your bookie solutions
  • The actual page where a prospective customer lands after clicking on an ad that you previously paid for.
  • The main page related to a silo.
  • When picking a page on your bookie solutions website to turn it into a landing one, remember that it should be about a significant topic and support the overall theme of your site.
  • When thinking of a possible landing page, you also need to think about its sub-pages.

Remember: When you have less than 5 supporting pages, you are likely not dealing with a landing page.



The most important thing is to pick the right keywords for your landing page as it should serve as a gateway page for the rest of your bookie solutions website. When you pick the right keyword terms, you are facilitating the job of the spiders.

It is quite important that you take the time to brainstorm on your top keywords when choosing the landing pages for your bookie solutions site.



Before you start with the selection process, remember one thing: every single page on your bookie solutions site has the potential to be turned into a landing one.

For example, you might realize that one which you previously designated as a sub-page is getting the most traffic as it has more focused content that the one that you designed as a landing page.

Of course it is important to optimize every single page on your website as best as you can to increase your chances of success.



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