Bookie Tips on Things Good Clients Share

Although sports betting players are the prospective clients of your bookie operation, they are not all the same. There is a difference betweenbookie-things-good-clients-share a client, and a GOOD client. It is always on your best interest to work only with the best kind of customers.


Bookie Tips to Identify the Best Customers


For this reason, here we are offering you some information that can help you to identify the best clients from the bunch.



Doubtless, the best thing a client can give you is his trust. Just as a player trusts you, you must also be able to trust your players.

If you have established relationships with customers that are based on trust, then these clients definitely rank among the best. And talking about trust…


Zero Disputes

When you have clients that are disputing wagers constantly, then that is a clear sign that those players don’t trust you enough as a bookie, and they actually believe you are ripping them off.

On the contrary, a client that you can consider among your best is the one that always trusts the outcomes of wagers, and that rarely, or never, disputes a bet.

These type of clients also understand that you are just human, and that mistakes happen on one area of your bookie business or another, and, when they spot a mistake, they don’t make it personal, and are able to communicate the mistake to the bookmaking agent in a neutral way.



A good sign that a client of your bookie operation is one of your best ones is when you actually have a problem with a given customer and you are able to resolve it amicably. Tolerance is really about looking long-term and avoid focusing on a momentary conflict.


Good Address

A client that lives in an affluent neighborhood is likely to become into one of your most valued players.

And what’s most important, if he is pleased with the bookie services you have provided, he will pass the word of mouth around, providing you with high-quality referrals.



Let’s also not forget that a client that can be considered as one of the best is the one that is quite loyal and always places bets with the same bookie.

If you have a player that has been a regular since he signed up for your sports betting services, then he also definitely ranks among the best.


Now, it is important to mention that not all the players that can be considered as part of your “best” basket meet all of the above pointers (or others you may have), so it is up to you to be skeptical and use your fair judgment when analyzing which clients of your bookie operation are the most valuable of them all.

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