Bookie Tips: Are Accelerators Right for your Startup Company?

If you are planning to start a price per head bookie company, there are a few options to consider that can help you get started.bookie-tips-accelerators-startup-company

Accelerators are becoming a new alternative for many startup companies, and below you will find information that can help you decide if they are a suitable option for your bookie sports betting venture.


An accelerator is basically a word to define the art of beginning a company and turn it into a learning program that can be applied to other new ventures. In order words, it’s an assembly line for new enterprises.

If you are a pay per head bookmaking agent that is looking to obtain success, you need to learn a few things related to business, and an accelerator can offer you the right mentorship, some office space and even the funds that you need to get things going.

These things of course are not free, as the services of an accelerator are offered in exchange for a return on the investment made.


Accelerators and Incubators

The accelerator concept is similar to the one of incubators, which started back in the late 50’s and includes names such as TechSpace and HotBank.

Although some people believe that those two words are interchangeable, there are some noticeable differences, with the top similarity being that they are incubators that foster the growth of startup companies.

The big difference is that on the accelerator model, all startup companies (including your price per head bookie operation) take lessons at the same time and are expected to “graduate” together.” Just like in college.

On the other hand, incubators allowed each company to develop at its own pace, allowing each startup to “graduate” separately.


The Big Red Flag

If you are considering joining an accelerator in order to get the tools that can help you build a successful bookie price per head services company, you need to make sure that you pick the right program.

The best red flag that you can find is the amount of equity a given accelerator is requesting. If they are willing to take between 5% and 10% equity, then those are the programs you want to consider.

On the other hand, if you find an accelerator that wants to take up as much as 50% equity, that is a program that you really want to avoid because this factor will make it more difficult in the long term for you to get the kind of profits which you are expecting from your bookie sports betting operation.


The Right Time to Join

Before you enter an accelerator program, you must have a concept built concerning your bookie pay per head startup company.

Most accelerators do not accept startups which have no product to offer and who want to start from scratch.

You can see an accelerator as the program that you need to in order to put the finishing touches to your bookie sports betting venture. Just like the icing on the cake.


The Advantages

Although you will have to share some of your earnings with the accelerator program, you will also acquire a lot of credibility, and this can lead to attracting more significant investors your way.

This is because a good accelerator program is run by a team of mentors that are well respected on their own fields, and their knowledge can turn into the kind of value that you need in order to get started with the right foot.


If you think an accelerator is the solution for your bookie price per head operation, take into consideration that although you will acquire the appropriate guidance, it might take a while to build a startup that can be synonymous with a valuable company.

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