Bookie Tips: Avoid Search Engine Spam

When people think of spam, probably the first thing in their minds is junk or unsolicited emails, but when it comes to SEO for your bookie-tips-avoid-search-engine-spamprice per head bookie site, the concept is a bit different.

Search engine spam refers to different techniques that are used by unethical SEO’s in order to fool Google (or Yahoo or Bing) concerning the actual importance and relevance of a given website.

Such spamdexing tactics can violate search engine optimization rules in a direct way or they can also be utilized more discreetly.


Bookie Tips: Say No to Keyword Stuffing


When you fill your metadata and Alt attribute text with a bunch of keywords in order to trick Google, then that is certainly considered spam.

For that reason, try to follow SEO guidelines as best as you can. Keyword terms are doubtless necessary to let the bots known what your site is all about, but when the spiders detect stuffing within your sportsbook bookie site, it will be hard to claim that it was all an accident.


It’s Bad for Google’s Reputation

A giant like Google truly dislikes spam because when someone applies such techniques, they are going against the hard work of the major search engines, which are trying to provide users with the best and most relevant results.

For instance, if someone makes a search and finds a bunch of spam websites as the top results, then chances are that such person is not going to use that particular search site anymore.

That is precisely why Google has such tough policies regarding spamming and if they find you using any black hat techniques on your bookie site, they are likely to penalize you or in the worst case, they will remove your website entirely from their index.

That is really bad because if you happened to have a site with a nice URL, then you will need to start a brand new one using a totally different domain name.


Types of Spam

Here are the top forms of spam that are known to be detected by Google and that can get your bookie site in trouble:


Hidden Links and Text

Adding hidden content such as text and links to a website is one of the most well known ways to deceive search engines. If you want your bookie site to be Google friendly, then all the text that you add has to be visible to the users. Black hat practitioners often add text to the HTML code of a website which is invisible for the actual visitors.


Doorway Pages

These are web pages that are specifically designed to comply with Google’s algorithm but that are not created to be viewed by users. In order words, such pages really don’t deserve a good ranking, but they get it by fooling the bots.

Unethical SEO’s uses this particular method in order to appear high on the SERP’s, but when users click on the link for the doorway page, they are redirected to either a page on the same site or to a completely different website that doesn’t have a good ranking.



This is another black hat method that Google absolutely disapproves. It consists of presenting different content for the search engines and for the user, which means that while the bots see one page, the visitors of the website see something entirely different.


Link Farms

Although it is true that Google uses links to figure out the relevance and popularity of a website, there are people out there creating “link farms,” which are groups of sites where a website hyperlinks to the rest of the sites within the same group.

A while back this technique might have worked out just fine, but after Google’s recent updates, sites using this method are likely to receive some penalties.

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