Bookie Tips: Best Backlinks for your Website

To the question: what else can your competition teach you about your bookie site, the answer is: who is currently linking to them. Apart from page building, another key factor that can help you with your PageRank is link equity, which is the real value of the incoming links to your pages.


Bookie Tips: Take a Peek


If you’ve been brainstorming about the ideal websites that you want to get backlinks from, the best way to find actual candidates is to take a look at your top competitors.

The same sites that are currently linking to your competitors can also link to your own sportsbook bookie site because they manage the same kind of data and are looking for the same type of traffic. If a third-party considered valuable to link to a top competitor, chances are that the webmaster for such site might also want to link to yours.


Natural and Ideal Incoming Links

You also want the incoming links to your bookie site to be of a natural variety, which means that although you should try to get as many authoritative backlinks as possible, it is in your best interest to have links coming from sites with varied equity.

The ideal backlinks for your bookie site are:

  • From established sites (the ones that have been active for some years and have become a trustful source of information.
  • An industry authoritative site with its own related outgoing and incoming links.
  • A site from an agent that is also using pay per head services and bookie software, meaning a site that is focused on the same subjects and is also using some of the same keyword terms with the right anchor text.


The More Votes the Better

For Google, every link to a given page from your bookie site counts as a vote for that specific page. The more votes, the more professional your page appears to be to the web crawlers. Google, as well as other top search engines will either decrease or increase the relevancy of your site based on the kind of links that are currently pointing to your pages.


Quality, Quality, Quality

When it comes to incoming links, not only the quantity matters, but also the quality. For example, if you manage to get 2 authoritative websites to point to your bookie site, those links will be considered much more valuable than 20 links from regular sites.


Be Picky

Be careful when looking at your competitor’s sites as there is a chance that not all of the third-party websites that are linking to them are high-quality. Remember that the sites that are at the top of the SERPs for your desired keywords are not perfect and have some flaws, so the least that you want to do is to copy the bad stuff. For that reason, make sure that you really pay attention to the sites that you will be sending a link request to as you want to prevent to get your link on a site that is considered spammy by the web crawlers.


How Many Backlinks?

Looking at competing websites also allows you to get an idea of how many backlinks are necessary to stay competitive. For example, if you verify that a given top competitor has, let’s say fifty incoming links, then a close number can be considered sufficient for your own bookie site.

Try to build your backlinks slowly. Although it might take you some time to match the number of incoming links from your competitors, it is certainly better to do it as naturally as possible than to buy a bunch of links and add them all at the same time as this will certainly be noticed by the web crawlers.

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