Bookie Tips: Best Facebook Applications

Agents are using Facebook more often these days in order to keep in touch with other people from the bookie industry and also forbookie-tips-best-facebook-applications business purposes.

The social networking site offers a lot of applications that can be used to enhance the image of the pay per head agent. Here we have a list of the best ones, both for pages and regular bookie profiles.

Bookie Tips: Welcome Page


If you are amongst the bookies that are working with a Facebook page, a welcome screen can come quite handy for getting people to “Like” your business page. There are many apps intended for this purpose, but the ones we recommend are Word of Social and Iframe Apps.



Facebook is not just a place to play games; it also offers users a lot of outstanding tools aimed at increasing productivity. Being more efficient is certainly a great advantage and things like an online calendar, project management apps and web notes can be really make the difference. We recommend you to give apps such as Zoho app and Google Calendar Sync a try.


Business Profile

When bookmaking agents deal with people face to face, they have the opportunity of handling their personal business card, but since that is not possible in the cyberspace, a good option is to create a professional business portrait.

This is going to be the bookmaker’s web presentation card, which he can use to tell others about his job experience and his agent skills. We personally use apps such as LinkedIn and Professional Profile.



The more contacts bookies have on Facebook, the more chances for them to expand their betting portfolio. There are specialized apps that can be used as contact forms, lists for contacts and even as mailing signup tools. The ones we like the most are MailChimp, Constant Contact and Email Signup.



A good word from your clients concerning your work can always be helpful when it comes to bring more credibility to your business. There are some apps out there such as Reviews and Ratings that allow people to write small testimonials and overviews.

If you want your betting operation to look more reliable to the eyes of potential new customers, then you should consider making use of the aforementioned applications.


Social Networking Updates

The more interesting your Facebook profile or page, the more new visitors you will get. There are applications that can truly enrich your presence on the famous social networking site by adding updates such as pictures, videos and links. We often use apps such as Flickr, YouTube and Twitter for this purpose.



Bookies whom have their own blogs can benefit a great deal by using apps such as Networked Blogs (this one is especially helpful if you are running a WordPress site), Tumblr and Simplaris BlogCast as they help agents to get their fresh content on Facebook automatically.

The good thing about using these or similar applications is that the agent’s friends will always be notified on new posts, which will draw more traffic to his website.



Running polls is a popular way to get people to stay in your Facebook page longer. Just try to come up with good ideas for polls that will get the attention of your targeted audience and use apps such as Poll and SurveyMonkey to get the job done. If you make your page very interactive, you will certainly increase your chances of getting some new business opportunities.



Attracting more people to your Facebook page is easier when you do promotions and organize some contests. There are a few key apps that were specially designed to help agents with this purpose and the ones that we can recommend are Easy Promos SweepstakesHQ and ContestsHQ.

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